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ZuluTrade Review Progress 26 Feb 12

Good day forex traders.

Welcome to another weekly update of my ZuluTrade forex signal provider live test. Many readers often ask me if this is indeed an opportunity to make extra pips so here i am testing it live!

In the previous progress review, the account suffered a big setback. It was due to crouchpips2 which suddenly had an averse dip in performance. Much pips were lost and the account was at almost -400 pips!

Looking at the performance chart above in terms of pips, we note that it was a good week for the account. The remaining lineup of signal providers Triple X and Forex Cruise Control continued to serve the account well. As of the end of the week, the live test account was at -86.9 pips.  Therefore the week was a gain of 286.6 pips! This is an excellent performance.

For the upcoming week, no changes will be made to the lineup of signal providers. I have been looking at recent top performers but they do not have all the criteria that i mentioned previously. 

  • a history of mostly green trades in the recent days
  • no adverse comments on their page
  • no signs of flip flop and excessive trading against the trend
  • 100% profiting months
  • at least 12 months of history

Ready to ZuluTrade? They provide demo accounts too. Click below! Remember. I use AAAFX for the best possible experience with ZuluTrade due to their integration.

ZuluTrade - Autotrade the Forex Market like never before!

You can read our initial Unbiased Review of ZuluTrade here.

( Warning. Only trade with money you can afford to lose. You are responsible for your money! )

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