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ZuluTrade Review Jul 14

Good day forex traders and readers.

Welcome to another ZuluTrade review and I hope you have been getting much pips from the signal providers. This is definitely an excellent free service provided that proper money management is there 🙂

In the previous review we took note of a potential signal provider who might be the next big thing. Getting over 2000 pips as of that date, it yet remains to be seen if this signal provider would eventually succeed but it has potential indeed. Hence in the meanwhile we need to monitor closely and risk only what we can afford to lose.


This week I want to revisit a previous signal provider that was featured. Newwave. Previously it was at 9755 pips with an open loss of about -300 pips. As of this week, total pips in profit is 9829 pips with 0 open positions. This means that the signal provider had eliminated the losing positions and has gained since our last review. Well done Newwave !

Holding the top position in ZuluTrade, almost 7 million worth of account balances are following this signal provider. It has a winning percentage of 79%.

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