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ZuluTrade Review February 23

Good day forex traders and readers.

Welcome to another weekly review of the ZuluTrade forex signal service. The objective of this review is to highlight noteworthy signal providers as we know that there are many signal providers available both good and bad. In the previous review we noted on a long time signal provider FX Proteus which was ranked 3 and had made 4378 pips to date. This signal provider made slow and consistent gains and $1.6 million of account balances were following this signal provider at that moment.


Looking at the FX Proteus profit chart above, we note that there is no downside hit for now. The current statistic is a gain of 4519 pips but there is an open loss of -76.7 pips. Having said so this still represents a small gain over the previous week 🙂

I mentioned previously that to make money from ZuluTrade, one must be versatile and able to cut losses and diversify among various signal providers. Proper money management is definitely a must. In accordance to this, it appears that many traders are adopting this approach too. With this small hiccup, the amount of account balance following this signal provider has fallen to $1.3 million.

We recommend using AAAFx to earn money from ZuluTrade :

  • ECN Broker regulated in Europe
  • Full refund policy for trade execution issues (stop, limits etc.)
  • Free ZuluTrade Account with integrated mobile app
  • Minimum deposit is only $300 USD. 10% Deposit Bonus !

Open a ZuluTrade live account now and choose from a list of popular brokers or demo for free ! Alternatively if you have an existing account with a supported broker, you can link them up too!

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