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ZuluTrade Review April 20

Good day forex traders and readers.

Welcome to the weekly ZuluTrade review article where we attempt to profit from this free forex signal service.

In the previous review we noted that the signal provider First Eagle gained again for the week. The total performance was an impressive 6723 pips, almost 400 pips gained for the week. The total amount of account balance following had grown to $2.6 million.


Looking at the profit chart above, we noted a gain in pips. This is non other than our featured signal provider First Eagle! I wanted to feature this signal provider again because it is the perfect Easter happiness with the gain in pips! With a total pips gained of 6985, the profit for the week is 262 pips. So to my dear readers who followed since last week, congratulations on a wonderful harvest of pips!

Making money from forex is always a happy thing 🙂 . The success of this signal provider is definitely attracting the masses. There is now $3.3 million of account balance following. Having said so I would like to urge prudence as always. Never over stretch your risk exposure.

We recommend using AAAFx to earn money from ZuluTrade :

  • ECN Broker regulated in Europe
  • Full refund policy for trade execution issues (stop, limits etc.)
  • Free ZuluTrade Account with integrated mobile app
  • Minimum deposit is only $300 USD. 10% Deposit Bonus !

Open a free ZuluTrade live account now and choose from a list of popular brokers or demo for free ! Alternatively if you have an existing account with a supported broker, you can link them up too!

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