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Why is retail sales important for forex trading?

Retail sales is an important factor when it comes to forex trading. It provides insight into an economy’s health and has far reaching repercussions that shapes the economic climate. Let us learn more about it.

Forex Fundamentals

From a fundamental point of view, a currency’s performance is dependent on its economy. Investors look towards currencies that are backed by strong, resilient economies and avoid currencies of distressed economies. When economic data is being released, investors and analysts would scour over the details in hope of gaining insights into the state of the economy.

Retail Sales And The Economy

As you can see, retail activities result in revenue for businesses. This revenue provides liquidity and thus allows businesses to continue on with their economic activities. Now that products are being sold, stores will need to restock. This sends revenue to the manufacturers and creates positive economic activities.

If sales are consistently high, businesses may expand. New employees may be hired which contributes to employment. If new stores are needed as a result of expansion, construction and renovation businesses will benefit.

On the other hand, a deteriorating retail sales climate may put a strain on businesses and their supply chains. Unemployment may then rise and further complicate the situation.

The Bottom Line

It is important that we recognize how retail sales may affect an economy and the prospects of it’s currency. This is especially so if the retail sales data is trending. An increasingly positive retail sales climate may prompt increased interest in the currency while a deteriorating retail sales climate may push away potential investors.

By monitoring the developments of the retail sales data, you can gain invaluable insights for your forex trading plans.

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