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What is the Price Action Bias Signals analysis?

Ever since the launch of our proprietary Price Action Bias Signals for forex as part of our suite of premium analysis, we have received an overwhelming flow of support and interest. You have our heartfelt thanks and here is a write up to what it is all about for those who are keen.

In summary, we are bringing forth our decade long (Yes. We started in 2008!) of observations and experiences to our members in the form of a signal on the bias of probable price action. It is important to note that this is not a signal on direction but rather a signal on the bias of probability. A bearish bias currency may still gain if it’s currency unexpectedly reported much higher than estimated retail sales. No one nor signal can predict or prevent this.

Firstly what is price action? We have come to know that the expected value of currencies move constantly as a result of many factors, culminating in the actual shift known as price action. What are these factors then? Being a market of buyers and sellers, there are a myriad of factors such as technical supports and resistances, sentiments from economic releases, geopolitical themes and the list goes on.

Now let us focus on what drives the Price Action Bias Signals.

What Goes On Behind The Signal?


Technical Analysis
We often profess our love for a few technical indicators in our forecasts and they play an important role here too. Support and resistance regions and bollinger bands are our main considerations. The direction and intensity of the approaching momentum are considered too. We are not using these indicators as part of a textbook for forex trading. From our observations, these technical indicators yield frequent impacts to the price action. For example, a head and neck shoulders usually unfolds less often than a bounce upon reaching a support.
Sentiment Analysis
A core component of our analysis focuses on sentiments. The market is ultimately driven by the participants and hence ignoring this fact will often bring much challenges to forex trading plans. For example, a worse than expected US Non-Farm Payroll may result in the US dollar unexpectedly gaining due to underlying risk aversion. We leverage on our analytical data from the Retail Forex Traders Sentiments Analysis, Major Currency Pairs Analysis (these are also found in our premium analysis) and augment the information with chart observations. For example, dips that are making lower lows or a currency pair that is simply consolidating for the past month.
Fundamental Analysis
We always mentioned that in shorter time frames, price action are often sentimental in nature while in the longer term, fundamental. Keeping in tune with this methodology, we make use of fundamental themes as an overlay to what the analysis is telling us. For example if sentiments are very bullish but fundamentals are not aligned, we may reduce the bullish bias in view of that. This is to prevent us from getting into situation where the fundamentals are screaming but yet we remain oblivious. However the weightage will not be as heavy as the other analysis mentioned above as Price Actions Bias Signals focuses on the short to medium term.

As time unfolds, we are excited to see where this journey will take us to. Having said so we need to always be mindful that nothing in forex is 100%. Price Action Bias Signals are not get rich signals but rather a companion to enhance your forex trading experience. You will still need to do your homework such as proper money management, understanding the markets and more!

We are always improving on our methodology and learning from our experiences. Make use of our time limited promotion and get premium analysis for less than $0.20 cents a day! For the price of a latte, you will have already paid for a month of premium analysis!

Thank you for being on board and as always, trade safely!

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