Useful basic customization for MT4

These are my top on the list customizations to the MT4 trading platform. It helps one to see the price action better in my opinion.

  1. Change chart to candlesticks. This give you access to a great amount of information by observing candlestick patterns
  2. On the chart, right click to go to properties. Click on Show Ask line. This helps to alert you if spreads increase as you will see the ask line jump unusually. You may have forgotten about important reports or news and this serves to remind you too
  3. Under the same page, click on show period separators. This allows you to see different days on the m1 to m60, weeks on the 4hour and months on the daily
  4. Have at least basic indicators on the chart. You can view Technical Analysis Guides or The Koala System (Forex) for more details
  5. If you are concentrating on a pair, it helps to open multiple charts of different time frames to get an overview


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