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US Non-Farm Payroll 02 Apr 10

Good day Koalas,

welcome to the review of the US Non-Farm Payroll April 10.

March’s Non-Farm Payroll lived up to it’s name, Margin Call Friday!! The initial Knee Jerk reaction sent the EUR/USD dipping low. Many investors jumped into the party and unknown to them at that point of time, moments later the currency pair decided to become bullish, wiping out many margin accounts.

April’s US Non-Farm payroll looks less wild compared to March 10. However looks can be deceiving.

Firstly, the reaction is mild because it was the Easter Holiday season. There were less market participants and hence less volume.

Secondly the data came out as expected, a gain in jobs. Although not as much but close enough to not cause a major reaction. Nonetheless, there were still hiccups. The second circle is an example.

Koalas, although it was an increase in employment, i will like to remind that the overall job market remains fragile. Unemployment rate for the US remains at 9.7%. This serves as an anchor dragging on to the economic recovery.

A few koalas mentioned to me ” There you go ! NFPs are not that bad after all.. woah i made quite a bit on that drop .” Please remember that there were many koalas who loss their accounts that day. ( They longed the EUR/USD ) As no one knows the actual statistics until the release, this is similar to gambling. Furthermore, even if the data comes out as per expected, no one can ever guess 100% on the market’s expectations.

Trade safely.

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