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The US Dollar Index Review

Hi all,

today i will like to take a look at the US Dollar Index.

Source: Bloomberg

The sharp US Dollar bullish run appears to have lost it’s momentum for now. However do watch out for spikes like the one circled in red. Risk aversion seems to be lurking around these days and apparently the US Dollar still retains it’s charm as a safe harbor during “bad weather.”

As more traders begin their new year, the added volume may shed more light on the market’s sentiments. With the unemployment and deficit problems in the US, it is rather difficult to comprehend reasons for a strong demand for the US Dollar. Furthermore with the low interest rate, the US Dollar is one of the prime choice for the carry trade.

Do continue to monitor developments and economic releases. Although poor data coming from US may trigger spikes of risk aversion, it may contribute to a long term weakening process of the US Dollar.

Trade safely.

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