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Members Annual Koala Report 2009

Good day, every important place or organization releases an annual report. with it’s mission to share to as many forex traders as possible about the horrors of margin call is definitely important!

When you are down with $50 bucks in your forex margin account, who you gonna call? GEEKY KOALA!

*Drum rolls … I present to you the Annual Koala Report 2009

Most Searched Term

For the year of 2009, many koalas found their way here with the help of search engines.

The top search term used is “the geek knows“. Over 100 koalas used this term.

The interesting fact? Only around 20% are new visits!

MY DEAR REGULAR koalas!!! Bring the mouse to the add bookmark will ya? 😛

Most Koalas Day

August 10 2009 is a day to remember! We had over 700 koalas visiting us on that day. What will be 2010’s number? 🙂

Most Read Article

This award goes to our favorite TOM!!! With a serious title “The story of a margin call. Tom.” Who could resist finding out who Tom is?

The fact is Tom is YOU. If you don’t practice proper money management!

Over 2000 koalas read this article and learned about the horrors of a margin call.

Relive the moment here 🙂

Most Exits Article

Well you can’t stay in our humble tree 24/7 right? Our award goes to “Hilter had a margin call. He is not happy! ” under the Funny Videos section!

I personally have a great laugh every time i see this video. Now don’t get a margin call now or else the laughter is on you!

Over 1000 koalas left to roll on the floor laughing after watching this video!

Watch it here… and please come back for the rest of the awards :p

Most Used Browser

The koalas’ browser of choice? FireFox!

Almost 50% of the koalas visited us with it. I personally use this too. Yay!

Most Used Mobile Device

Hey, koalas are mobile too. The most used mobile device?

iPhone !!

Most Visits Koala Country

Now would it be Australia? The home of the koalas? Nah….

Over 20% of the total koalas who visited came from the
United States of America !


I hope you enjoyed the Annual Koala Report 2009.

Last but not least, i would like to thank YOU, our dear koala reader.

Without you, would not be a koala success! I really hope that my articles have helped you one way or another. Remember money is hard to come by and losing it at poorly planned over risked trades is never the way!

Remember to bookmark us and visit us often! I will always be trying my very koala best to write useful and easy to understand forex articles.

Time for our favorite tag line…. Take Care and Trade Safely 🙂

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