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The Koala System for Forex Trading Review 4 Nov 19

Welcome to our review of the forex trading opportunities presented by The Koala System for Forex Trading.

Find below a recent opportunity highlighted by the system.

The Koala System for Forex Trading Chart

In the chart above, we see all valid trigger signs.

  • Primary indicators becomes parallel towards the direction of the trade
  • Brown secondary indicator is in the same direction and is not turning in towards the primary indicators. This functions as an immediate support or resistance warning too as the price often react to the moving average
  • Black secondary indicator is not near the price action and hence not a potential strong support or resistance


While it might have been challenging to have achieved a full run of 30 pips, traders practicing prudence measures such as a trailing stop lost would have probably came close to that.

It is important to understand that The Koala System for Forex Trading is designed for a slow and steady approach to forex trading. Preservation of capital takes priority.

You can refer to this guide to find out how you can setup The Koala System for Forex Trading.

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