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Price Action Bias Signals Review 26 Dec 19

We started the Price Action Bias Signals analysis ( PABS ) on 25 Feb 19.

With PABS, we are bringing forth our decade long (Yes. We started in 2008!) of observations and experiences to our members in the form of a signal on the bias of probable price action.

What is price action?
We have come to know that the expected value of currencies move constantly as a result of many factors, culminating in the actual shift of demand known as price action.

What are these factors then?
Being a market of buyers and sellers, there are a myriad of factors such as technical supports and resistances, sentiments from economic releases, geopolitical themes and the list goes on.

You can find out more about what drives the Price Action Bias Signals in our dedicated article.

It is time to review the signal’s performance since November 2019.

Performance Review

Let us walk through the performance table. The first two rows show the number of times the PABS produced a signal. The Dominant Signal shows the overall signal for the currency pair.

The next two rows show the actual price of the currency pair on the particular week and the price ending this week. The Overall Trend shows the final direction of the currency pair. Did it climb or drop since then?

The last row shows the conclusion for the currency pair. Is PABS effective thus far?

We are pleased to announce that out of the 6 currency pairs, all but one are effective. The only currency pair to not show a clear distinction is the USD/CAD which produced equal signals of both Bearish Bias and Bullish Bias Signals. This can be effectively considered as neutral.

No one can predict forex with a 100% certainty. A sentiment and fundamental driven market will always be liquid. The Price Action Bias Signals analysis has been engineered from the ground up to strive to be an effective companion to your trading strategy. While it does not give you a crystal ball answer to the market, it will strive to provide you with the pulse of the current market sentiment.

Unless most Expert Advisors or EAs, the Price Action Bias Signals analysis is not meant to give a generic signal to follow without other considerations. Inline with our signature knowledge based approach to forex trading, the PABS strives to provide an overview of the current market pulse so as to facilitate your better understanding of the markets and the undertones. We believe that this is vital for success in forex trading.

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