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Premium Analysis Insights 23 Jan 19

Good day.

Our premium analysis offers unique insights in the currency pairs that we cover.
True to our motto, we believe in making forex easy by showing you how to fish instead of just serving it up to you.
In our decade of forex analysis and coverage, we came to the realisation that forex is all about understanding the market sentiments. More often there is more than meets the eyes.

Here are some takeaways: ( Members can log on to their dashboards for the full actual analysis and graphics. )

  • Oil has been gaining for the past 3 weeks. In the same period, 61% of the currency pairs’ weeks were gains against the US dollar. This suggests that the US dollar may be weakening on various fronts.
  • Retail forex traders are still slightly bullish on all currency pairs covered. This may just be a buy bias thus ignoring fundamentals.
  • It is almost a 50 / 50 chance for a currency pair to be bullish or bearish on the day of US Non-Farm Payroll in the past 8 months. Thus trading during the US NFP may just be a game of chance.
  • The current longest streak belongs to GBP/USD. The pound has strengthened against the US dollar for 5 weeks now.

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This may be the best 20 cents spent yet!

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