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Most Popular Forex Article 2019

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Over here at , we always believe that knowledge is an important factor for forex success. Understanding the various dynamics and undertones of the markets is crucial. This is why we have over 80 free forex educational articles! It is now time to reveal the most popular forex article for 2019.

Forex Gaps. What Why How?

This comes as no surprise as a forex gap remains one of the most elusive forex event. It can happen anytime, anywhere without any warning. Forex traders who are in positions that are against the direction of the forex gap may get a nasty surprise when it happens. If proper money management is not in place, the situation may be even more detrimental.

In the article you will learn more about forex gaps, explore reasons on why do they happen and also review a few ways on how you can lower your risks. It is highly recommended that you read this article and beyond that, the over 80 free forex training articles. Here’s to an even better forex trading in 2020!

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