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member testimonialHarry S.UK. Member since May 20.

I gave this a try as i was losing money from my senseless trading anyway. I must say, the emphasis on forex planning by the team has changed my style. No regrets!

member testimonialMonica K.USA. Member since Jan 20.

i like the comments by the team. helped me relook into losing trades again.

member testimonialJames B.AUS. Member since Oct 19.

I used to be obsessed about US NFP trading. Looking at the analysis done, i now know how i can better make use of my money. Thanks!

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Signature Knowledge Based Approach
Learn a new skill: Forex Analysis. Our methodology goes beyond just having you copy trades and signals. We will guide and provide you with the tools required for you to analyse the market and trade in forex.
Correlation Analysis EUR/USD (beta)
Our newest feature, we can seek out correlations between currency pairs and other financial assets to gain insights into possible undertones. This may provide market sentiment context for your forex trading plans. This is a beta feature and it covers EUR/USD, Gold and S&P 500.
Retail Sentiments Analysis
This will show you the percentage of retail forex traders who are long for the respective currency pair. It is colour coded to enable you to get a pulse on the sentiments of the market.
There is an USD centric version to identify situations where most people are longing or shorting the USD across the major currency pairs.
US Non-Farm Payroll Analysis
This will show you if a particular currency pair had risen or fallen on the release day of the US Non-Farm Payroll and whether the employment data was better or worse than expected.
It comes with an USD centric version to allow visualization of trends. For example a strengthening USD across the markets after the NFP suggests that the result added demand for the US dollar. This report is important as employment is a fundamental part of the economy.
Majors, US Dollar Index, Brent Oil and Gold Analysis
This report will show you if a currency pair or asset is bullish or bearish compared to the previous week in absolute numbers. As it is color coded, it is easier to spot trends.
The USD centric version adds an additional level of depth to your market insights. It is useful for identifying if the USD strength or weakness is limited to a currency pair or across the market.
Member Premium Analysis Reviews
Find out TheGeekKnows Team’s take on the premium analysis data.
Central Banks Interest Rate Analysis
This aims to provide a holistic view of the current interest rate influence on the underlying currency pair.
Use this to complement your forex trading plan, especially on longer time frames.
Unemployment Rate Analysis
This aims to provide a holistic view of the current unemployment rate influence on the underlying currency pair.
Use this to complement your forex trading plan, especially on longer time frames.
Coverage consist of 6 major currency pairs
Forex Price Action heat map for momentum analysis
Economic Calendar for trade planning
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More Testimonials

Doubtful? Don’t take our word for it. Here are more testimonials.
member testimonialBaraco A. USA. Member since Sep 19.

great insights. i love the sentiment tracking. helps getting to know the pulse of the market

member testimonialJohnny M.USA. Member since Sep 19.

loving the great widgets in one place. never leave home without it

member testimonialWei .CSG. Member since June 19.

While it doesnt give you laser precision trades, i actually learned alot about doing analyzing. Learning to fish is good.

member testimonialAnton E. AUS. Member since Apr 19.

keep up the good analysis koala mate. cheers.

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