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  • Retail Sentiments Analysis
    It will show you the percentage of retail forex traders who are long for the respective currency pair. It is colour coded and hence enables you to get a pulse on the sentiments of the market.
    There is also an USD centric version which will be useful to identify situations where most people are longing or shorting the USD across the major currency pairs.
  • US Non-Farm Payroll Analysis
    This will show you if a particular currency pair had risen or fallen on the day the the US Non-Farm Payroll was released. You can also see if the employment data was better or worst than expected.
    An USD centric version is available. This will allow trends to be visualised. For example a strengthening of the USD across the markets after a NFP suggests that the result adds demand to the US dollar. The US Non-Farm Payroll report is important as employment is a fundamental part of the economy.
  • Majors, US Dollar Index and Brent Oil AnalysisNew This report will show you if a currency pair, US Dollar index or Brent Oil is bullish or bearish compared to the previous week in absolute numbers. As it is colour coded, it is easier to spot trends.
    With the USD centric version, it adds an additional level of depth to your market insights. This is useful for identifying if the USD strength or weak ness is due to the currency it is paired with or if it is so across the market.
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