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Masoud Midweek EUR/USD Review 12 Jan 11

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The number of unemployed in America in December 2011 fell. Two hundred thousand job-seekers were employed in occupations other than farming industries. Private sector this month clocked 212,000 people hired and in the state sector, 12,000 people lost their jobs. The unemployment rate in September was the start of its decline and the slow pace continued to December. Unemployment rate of 8.6 percent in November fell to 8.5 percent in December. 

German government bonds to nearly four billion euros with negative interest rates was sold in the securities market. Thus investors do not receive benefits for German government bonds but they must also pay money. Experts and investors distrust the economies of other European countries and led by the investors, their investments are directed towards the most powerful economy in the euro area. 

Greece is the main subject of a meeting of Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany and Christine Lagard, president of the International Monetary Fund in Berlin. Greek debt restructuring, debt relief for this country and allocation of more financial aid were discussed. The euro zone members and the International Monetary Fund agreed on a financial aid package worth 130 billion euros for Greece but its implementation was subject to more stringent enforcement programs. 

Export and import growth in China in December 2011 was the slowest over the past two years. 

From a technical perspective: The EUR/USD in time frame H4 is still in a downtrend channel and this channel is still valid. While the currency pair is below 1.28, the forex forecast main trend is bearish. The fundamental terms of America due to the crisis of Europe is now more attractive for investors. Given these circumstances, this loss target is 1.2480. 

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