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Masoud : EUR/USD Weekly Review 25 Dec 11

Hello koala king and folk. 

Good day to you. 

A few days left to the end of 2011 and it was a year full of ups and downs for all countries be it economically, politically and socially.

If you have a look at the above chart, you can see that at the beginning of 2011, the value of the EUR/USD was about 1.30 and now again at the end of 2011 the currency pair is located in the same region. Based on this currency exchange rate, it suggests that the global economy during the entire year did not make significant progress and that its future prospects seem grim.

In this forex forecast review, i will not be providing my personal EUR/USD forecast. My suggestion would be to not trade any of these final days due to very low market volume and liquidity and as well as the unpredictable movements. The possibility of the loss of capital is very high. My suggestion is to start only the second week of January.

Relax with your family.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Have a nice and great holiday.


Masoud is a businessman and a Senior Forex Koala. Connect with him at our page on Facebook.

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