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The Koala System Weekly Review

Good day to all fellow Koala System users 🙂

How did your Koala fare last week? If you have been following the rules, i think quite some pips are to your name now!

I have identified 3 good opportunities and one of which is almost 300 pips if you let your trailing stop loss run with allowance.

This again shows that The Koala System best performs under a trending condition.

Remember i always say that Koala is good because it will identify dangerous days too?

Look at the NFP Friday.

Koala was flat for the first half of the day, indicating low volume / hesitation. Typical of NFP days.
When the time draws nearly to NFP, movement picks up as folks begin to take or exit positions in preparation for it.
The finally spectacular comes with a big whipsaw post NFP. This has the potential to wipe up margin accounts on both sides and hence i usually don’t trade during NFP.

Hope The Koala System made your week a wonderful one 🙂

Trade Safe.

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