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The Koala System Review – Week of 16 Nov 09

Good day to all,

The Koala System had a FANTASTIC week. Hope your 3 koalas did the same and harvested some pips for you!

Right at the start of the week, we had an opportunity to harvest. Notice i did not start immediately as i always feel that overly steep or diverging red koala is a sign of a move too fast.

Next comes a boxed area which means that there is something to learn from here. Notice how the Koalas flip over and over? This suggests ranging / volatility and indeed a crazy spike down and up came, eliminating margin accounts without the insight of our koalas.

Patience does pay off as after sitting out the crazy region, we had a chance to harvest more than 100pips. The 3 koalas are not diverging much, suggesting good entry.

The happiness comes again as we are given an opportunity to ride back up for at least 100pips. There are 2 circles because if you are safe and got stop out in the first retrace, jump back on at Part 2.

On Friday, there was another box. Notice how the red koala seems so eager and diverged away from the other 2? That is a classical suggestion that the movement is too fast and indeed, the price action bounced right up. Like a naughty kangaroo. My koalas don’t like kangaroos.

Lastly, just before the week closes, we had one last opportunity for a ride down. Finishing the week with some additional pips for beer! yummy.

Well, we have seen terrible and great weeks. This week is one of the better ones 🙂

Remember again and again, The Koala System is not your ” follow the rules and i will become a million with $100″ system. It is a system to help prevent you from going against the trend. Patience and hard work is needed.

Slow and steady is the key here.

My koalas and i wish you a great weekend and al the best for the next week!

Do read the EUR/USD Weekly Review for insights on what may happen in the upcoming week.

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