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The Koala System Forex Review 28 Jun – 2 Jul 10

Good day fellow Koala System users.

Yes i took a one week break for the system review.

Basically i was examining two factors.

1) The best use of the system

2) The best time frame for the system.


As far as the best use is concerned, scaling is definitely out. This system is primarily a slow trend system. Best suited for intra-day traders ( 15 minutes ) and intra-week traders ( 30 minutes ).


The best time frame is a tricky one. Besides the need to suit the above styles discussed, different market conditions calls for different time frames. With the recent spikiness of the market, a lower 15 minutes works better. A 30 minutes approach will result in no trade zone for most of the week.

While we continue to explore the best ways to do so, remember that patience and proper money management is a must!

Looking at the EUR/USD 15 minutes chart for the week, we can see that The Koala System brought us 3 opportunities.

While the currency pair did begin bearish for the first half of the week, the first suitable opportunity only came in the second day when the pair is below the 200 EMA. The Koala System is not a risky trading style and hence we must wait often.

The midweek is mainly spiking but we managed to identify one quick opportunity.

The last opportunity was a potential winner if you used a proper trailing stop. The strong upwards momentum carried the currency pair up from the lows. This is due to the poor US data coming out of the country.

A user suggested the use of a 50 EMA and till now i do find some usefulness of it. Thank you buddy you know who you are. Expect this to be featured in the next review 🙂

For folks just joining us, you can view The Koala System rules here.

Trade safely.

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