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The Koala System Forex Review 19 Jul – 23 Jul 10

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Good day fellow forex trading koalas.

After a time of absence, The Koala System is back!

Apologies for the absence as the broker change to 5 decimal places turned my chart haywire for some time.

Looking at The Koala System’s performance for the last week, we had 3 opportunities and of which 1 could have been a big winner if the proper trailing stop loss was used.

While the reviews were absence for some time, this does not mean the koalas were on holiday! I will like to share some observations that i found out.

  • It is a good practice not to trade in the early hours of Monday trading despite seeing good signals. Often they reverse, typical of early trading madness.
  • The 50 EMA suggested by a user seems to be doing well. This is the forex community i seek to build and i am very happy! Forex traders helping forex traders 🙂 The drill is simple. If the koalas indicate a sell but the 50 EMA is not sloping down ( IE in the direction of the intended trade, stay out ! ) If you observe the above chart carefully, you will notice it did help prevent a few tragedies from happening 😛 It is the brown indicator.

Folks, next week is the week after the Euro Bank Stress Test results and hence i urge and urge you to trade safely and patiently. Remember, The Koala System is never about quick bucks but rather a system of slow consistent winnings.

For folks just joining us, you can view The Koala System rules here.

See you soon 🙂

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