Investing with Forex Robots ( Expert Advisors)

Many investors are looking for the golden formula to beat the financial markets constantly. Current technology offers investors the opportunity to invest automatically with complex algorithms without human intervention. These so called forex robots or expert advisors often show amazing results, even while sleeping.

Estimates show that 70% of all trading orders are executed by computers, what previously only professional investors could do. With the current technology it is possible for retail investors to trade automatically without even touching the computer. Common pitfalls for manual traders such as emotion, greed, wrong ordering, lack of experience can easily be by-passed using automated trading systems.

As software developers ( or automated trading crusaders) with a great passion for forex trading, United Forex traders has been developing automated algorithmic trading systems for over two years. Their clients are investment brokers, asset managers as well as retail investors. 90% of the automated trading systems do not reach the finish line and show disappointing results. There is no such thing as the Holy Grail Robot and using a forex robot does not mean ” less risk” . Therefore it’s highly recommended to first test a system in a demo account and to learn how to “manage” the forex robot.

United Forex traders now offers the opportunity to test the best performing forex robot 30 days for free in a demo account and will teach you how use the parameters.

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