Getting the extra edge on MT4

Many traders here will agree that Metatrader 4 or MT4 for short is probably one of the most versatile and robust trading platform available. This is especially important if your preferred trading approach is on the shorter timeframes where mere seconds may make a difference between a win or loss.

The question is, how can we get the extra edge? Hot keys may be your answer.

I have attached a infographic by Hantec Markets on the various hotkeys for MT4.


Shortcuts like F9 to open a new trade window saves you the second to give you the fast response needed for trades typical of scalping or news trading. The last thing you want happening is to have a delay depriving you of an opportunity to enter a trade.

For Expert Advisor fans, knowing that Ctrl – E enables or disables the EA gives the extra confidence as you can pull the plug when needed.

With some practice, soon you will be even managing multiple windows with ease and this gives you the extra focus for your trading.

What are your favourite hot keys for the MT4 ? Tell me in the comments below.

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