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Forex Sentiments Report 1 Apr 19

XAG/USD retail traders are majority long.
GBP/CHF retail traders are undecided and is now net long.
Majority of retail traders are on long positions, suggesting long bias.

Leverage on the market to plan your trades.
Watch the video to get insights on the sentiments of retail forex traders based on their Long : Short ratio of open positions.
This may help you get a pulse on the market momentum and trend. For example if 90% of all traders are long on a currency pair, what is that telling us? If we were to explore further, we know that most retail forex traders lose money. Does this mean trading against them is better? This is also know as contrarian investing.

Members can log in to their private dashboards with historical data and colour shading for easy visualisation of trends. For example, if the majority of retail forex traders are longing the EUR/USD for the past 4 weeks, it may suggest momentum.
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