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Welcome to our Forex Trading School where you can easily learn forex trading the right way.

Embarking on a forex journey can be a daunting task and i am familiar with it. This is because I had suffered 3 margin calls in my forex trading journey. That experience gave me a lesson that i will never forget and ever since, i founded the website with the mission to help as many people as possible to not get margin calls.

Now whether you are trading forex for leisure or to make money, there is something that you must remember at all times. Forex is not about getting rich overnight but rather we should aim for slow and consistent profit. If you flaunt this, you will risk losing all your money!

Here, we aim to start you on your forex journey the slow and steady way! There is no holy grail to quick riches to be found here but rather a better be safe than sorry approach. Learn forex trading now for free and say no to margin calls!

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