EUR/USD looks posed to soar

Good day to all

Folks who have been kindly following my articles will know that my style is to monitor the equity markets for clues together with technical analysis.

On the equity side today,

  • Asian markets = Positive
  • European markets = Positive
  • US market futures = Positive

With a added clue, oil = Positive.

If the sentiment remains good, we may see an increased exchange of USD for other currency for investments.

On the technical front, the daily uptrend seems to be still in play.

The bottom trendline served as a guide for price action as circled below.

Surprisingly, the older trendline which i discovered while looking at the bigger picture in an earlier article, served as a resistance today right to the pip.
( The middle line )

If nothing adverse happens, we may finally reach our objective at the top circle.

As always, this is not a call for an all out trade. Employ strict proper money management as always.

Trade safe.

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