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EUR/USD Fundamental Update 22 Mar 17

Good day forex traders.

Welcome to our update on the fundamental situation of the EUR/USD. In the previous reviews, we noted on an increasingly bullish currency pair.

The first segment is from our forum, Andrea ForexMart :

“The EUR/USD pair was able to move towards 1.0800 points, with the currency pair managing to stay at over 1.0800 for a brief period. However, since the pair has not yet managed to make a clean breakthrough at this very tough barrier since it only momentarily peeked over this level, the pair’s surge was eventually met with large selling and had no choice but to retreat at just under 1.0800 points.

However, in spite of this particular occurrence, the EUR/USD pair is still trading on a somewhat stronger note, thanks to the pair’s bulls who continue to trade on a strong streak. The EUR/USD pair’s move at under 1.0800 now seems as just more of a correction as the pair’s price are still well-maintained within its range highs. This is why the currency pair might give another shot at surpassing the 1.0800 barrier for today, especially since the forthcoming French polls might have Macron as its next President after all. This is a sigh of relief especially for the EUR currency, since Le Pen, Macron’s opponent, is a widely-known critic of the euro currency. In addition, the pairs bulls are getting a lot of encouragement from the very bullish stance of the ECB, who recently stated that the strength of the euro can be mostly attributed to an improvement in the EU economy. The USD has also been struggling to make significant gains in spite of the recent rate hike and there is a very definite possibility that the pair could possibly move towards 1.1000 points once makes a clean break through 1.0850 points.

There are no major news from both the EU and the US economy for today, and this is why the EUR/USD pair might again attempt to break through its barrier. Traders could opt to wait whether the currency pair is able to surpass 1.0850 during the course of the day.”


Bloomberg also reports on a situation where the US dollar rally has seemingly stalled.

“Four months after the dawn of the Trump trade, currency investors worldwide are capitulating.

That’s the signal from Bank of America Corp.’s flow data, which blends positioning and sentiment surveys conducted with its hedge fund and real-money clients, and publicly available futures data. The bank’s takeaway is that bullish dollar positions put on after the election have completely disappeared.”The dollar positions accumulated in the buildup and immediate aftermath of the U.S. election look to have been fully unwound,” Bank of America strategists led by Myria Kyriacou wrote in a research note. “Positioning will not be the main driver of the next broad dollar move.”

To Kyriacou and her colleagues, the good news is that there isn’t much bullish, or bearish, dollar positions to be unwound, so the next trend gets to start with a clean slate. That also means the U.S. currency, which has almost retraced the 7 percent rally since Donald Trump’s election victory, will be stuck in a range barring any concrete fiscal policy, the kind of game-changing announcement that investors have been waiting for since day one of his presidency. ”

This is not surprising as the US people were anticipating fast and impactful changes. Disappointment may increase should the situation remains so.

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