EUR/USD edges up

Happy Monday blues!!!!

Go grab your latte, grumble about the stack of work! Yeah!

Remember my surprise article during the weekend on the EUR/USD, everything seems to go according to plan so far.

You all know the drill when a plan of mine goes right.. but i will save it for tomorrow.

I will stay true to my teachings and not presume! You can never predict 100% forex and hence anything can happen in the next few hours. Save the boasting for tomorrow!

I have other things to boast in the mean time!


I like it when my plan goes well!
I like it when my plan goes well!
I like it when my plan goes well!

The currency pair respected my trendline today!

Bouncing off like a bear on a hot pan! ( PUN INTENDED BEAR FANS! 😛 )

Our emotionally disturbed friend the S&P 500 remains so.

Undecided, it ranges between 1080 and 1100. Is there scalping for S&P 500 ? hee

Gold tries hard to return to it’s glory of $1060 while Oil kissed $80 again!


With all 3 clues green today, i am looking towards a green day for the EUR/USD too.

Respecting the trend line is a good sign and this suggests that the bullish trend is not quite over yet!

However if you have been reading my articles, you will notice that the ranging scenario seems indeed to be developing.

1.5000 seems too dear to be left behind for now and the currency pair merely edges forward.

However i noted that a poorer than expected release from Germany today had little effect on the EUR/USD.

Traders merely shrugged it off like a annoying fly! Pretty bullish to me.

Bullish developments will need to take over 1.5063, today’s high followed by 1.5088.

Bearish attack if successful, should bring us under 1.5000 and close below it.

Lots of important US releases this week and hence watching the price reaction at these events will shed more light.

Remember to turn on your proper money management switch ok? 😛


Headaches!!! Since 8 hours ago i have been plagued by it.

Looking at the com makes it worst but hey, nothing beats writing for you folks!

Was having a conversation with a friend about the current rally and he was saying… ” aye it is like this always at the end of the year.. watch what happens when the new year comes “


but we wont be worried if we have proper mm right? hee

I bought a game over the weekend and i can’t play it due to the poor mouse response. My rig is ok so it is definitely the problem of the game! lol cost me like 24 micro pips humph!

Anyway you folks know me! i am a addict to compliments 😛 nah just that knowing my articles help gives me the strength to go on.. therefore if you like my blog and my style, kindly pen down a review for me at reviewpips ok?

It means a lot to me.

See you soon and trade safe!

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