EUR/USD Daily Review 08 Dec 09

Good day.

I have not been boasting for some time and i feel weird.


The currency pair took a dive today, almost reaching our previous line of 1.4719. Folks following the koala will know that this is an important line.

The S&P 500 is now below 1100. The technical resistance i mentioned at 1110+ seems to hold for now. The market today sells news of the negative German Industrial Production Numbers and the $3.65 billion loss of Dubai World’s Nakheel PJSC.

In my weekly review of the EUR/USD, i mentioned that we should monitor for a breakdown of sentiments and this seems to be happening.

Oil has reached the bottom of it’s current range at $75+.

Our winner turned loser gold, struggles at $1147+ as sentiments grow of it being just an illusion. Traders and investment managers are commenting that gold is nothing more than just a ticket to a peaceful sleep at night.


I was reading an article on Bloomberg about how defaults mounting in commercial properties are pulling down regional lenders. Well i have said months ago that commercial properties are a time bomb and the media has not given it the due coverage. It is a possible cause of a dip in the economy again should the situation get worst and you heard it first here @

A reader asked me sometime back why i preached close monitoring of the Dubai crisis when all seems to be settled and moving on. Note the problems that are still surfacing. Koalas, we must always look at the bigger picture. Remember how everyone refused to believe that we are at trouble’s door back at July 08? When the sh*t hits the fan, all the other problems start surfacing.

I told a few of my readers that things seems to be changing. The trading theme alternates between the US Dollar as a safe haven and the US Dollar as an investment. This tends to make analysis trickier. Solution to this? Proper Money Management. Remember with that, a wrong trade won’t end your trading foray.

The bulls may attempt to regain ground up to 1.4800 / 50 while the bears may strike hard at 1.4719 / 1.4665.



My cough is back. Making me The Koala who have coughed for a month. Coughing while typing is a difficult task as i grasp my throat like a choking koala every few seconds.

As xmas draws nearer, the malls and heck even my office lobby begin to play nice dreamy xmas carols.

I am already dreaming of a white Christmas with a tree of pips for my harvest.

What is your Christmas dream?

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