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AUD/USD Forecast Review B 23 Dec 11

Good day forex traders.

In the previous AUD/USD forecast review, we noted that a small bullish momentum is underway despite a previous failure to test the possible target region of 1.0260. Equity indexes were green during that time due probably to a better than expected data of the US jobless claims.

Looking at the AUD/USD 4H chart above, we can see that the trendline still continues to hold. This calls for a I LOVE IT WHEN MY CHART works proclamation 😛

Having said so, i want to remind everyone that if you notice, volume seems to be low. Indeed so since we are nearing the Christmas holidays. As readers of my humble site know, i always mentioned that when volume is low, we may experience unexpected spikes and momentum.

Therefore it may be wise that you only trade when you see a very good opportunity and of course with proper money management. Sometimes being on the sidelines is also a good position to take!

Merry Christmas and trade safely.

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