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AUD/USD Forecast Review 27 Dec 11

Good day forex traders. 

Did you enjoy the holidays? We sure did and this includes our cuddly koalas having a blast of their own 🙂

I know for the past few forex forecast reviews we have been telling you about low volume and yada yada so what do we have for you today with regardless to the AUD/USD?

Yes. You guessed it right. LOW VOLUME and LIQUIDITY !

Looking at the AUD/USD 4hour chart above, we note that the candles are short little cute ones compared to last week before Christmas. In fact the range for today so far is less than 40 pips. This is hardly possible for any form of trading except for the mini scraps. Having said so, there is still the spread you must get over first. Seems like the forex traders are all having a hangover or just spending some quality family time 😛

From a fundamental point of view, equity indexes in Europe are currently green as investors take a breather from risk aversion. Having said so, an interesting report was seen on the strength of the Yen versus other currencies. Yen is also one of the usual risk aversion havens and this suggests that fears of a Euro zone budget deficit crisis break down still lurks around.

Trade Safely.

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