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General Discussion / Re: Daily Market Analysis from ForexMart
« on: November 17, 2017, 02:45:05 PM »
EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: November 17, 2017 

The EUR/USD pair had been moving unsteadily in the past few days as the pair moves up and down with high volatility as the greenback moves without a specific direction in the present global tone. The dollar is appealing to be bought in the short term yet the market maybe thinking twice. Although, there are instances where the rally of the dollar where it is being sold at a faster rate.

This maintains the pressure in the dollar and which would be advantageous for the euro. What’s keeping the market optimistic for the dollar is a rate hike from the Fed in December although, the market does not strongly believe this. There are no specific indications yet with indecisiveness of Fed members while the data move at a steady pace.

This has kept the dollar weak with any news or data to be released. In the past 24 hours, the euro decline to the area of 1.1750 which is seen to move down in general. The latest relevant news would be the continuation of the development of missiles from North Korea and the ongoing investigation on the accusation of Russian intervention in the US Presidential elections. These events would drive the dollar down.

For today, the speech of Draghi are expected during the London session but it is unlikely that he would discuss the monetary policy. Hence, traders should get ready for choppiness in trading this pair and be cautious in the liquidity of the pair.

EUR/USD Discussions / Re: Daily EUR/USD Analysis from ForexMart
« on: November 16, 2017, 01:50:58 PM »
EUR/USD Technical Analysis: November 16, 2017

The euro against the U.S. dollar rallied higher during the beginning of the trade session for five succeeding days and being tested for a 1-month high. The market failed to maintain the current rate as the greenback gathered momentum amid a risk aversion situation. The U.S. data came out positively even better than anticipated. The retail sales data came in higher as well as the CPI report, which supported the U.S. yields and raised the rate of the dollar.

The EUR/USD climbed higher as it reaches close to the October high at the level of 1.1858. The exchange rate has reached once again the 50-day moving average at the level of 1.1786, which is currently the short-term support in the trend. Additional support was found close to the 10-day moving average at 1.1663. The impetus of the currency pair has been moving at a good pace as the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) index initiating a buy signal. This happened as the MACD line, which is the 12-day exponential moving average (EMA) minus the 26-day EMA, crossed higher than the MACD signal line found at the 9-day exponential moving average of the MACD line.

EUR/USD Discussions / Re: Daily EUR/USD Analysis from ForexMart
« on: November 10, 2017, 02:31:32 PM »
EUR/USD Technical Analysis: November 10, 2017

The single European currency paired with the U.S. dollar drove higher during Thursday session since the trade surplus in Germany has expanded, while the U.S. initial claims rebounded. Moreover, the German growth is predicted to overcome its previous outlook as the inflation is projected to remain muted capping the upside in the pair.

The EURUSD had moved upwards and pushed back on top of the 1.1625 level near around the 10-day moving average, which serves as a support in the short-term. Further support hits the 1.1550 weekly lows. A close over the 1.17 region could possibly negate the formation and triggered consolidation. The negative momentum was seen declining as the MACD (moving average convergence divergence) indicator is printing in the red, linked with an ascending trajectory that gives signs of consolidation.

EUR/USD Discussions / Re: Daily EUR/USD Analysis from ForexMart
« on: November 08, 2017, 02:13:38 PM »
EUR/USD Technical Analysis: November 8, 2017

The EURUSD pair had a dipped again during the early trade behind weaker than expected production figures from Germany, the data also declined in September. The retail PMI in the European region dropped but retail sales further softened. Meanwhile, Chain Store Sales in the United States had bounced back in the recent week and the Loan Officers survey of U.S. presented standards easing.

Moreover, the euro-dollar pair drove lower and tested the 1.5050 level.The pair bounced back in the late session and failed to reacquire the 1.16 handle. The resistance can be found at 1.1722 region near the 20-day moving average. The prices resumed forming a  head and shoulder reversal pattern with the neckline with a gapped at 1.1660 zone. The target support can be estimated by subtracting the neckline above the 1.1160 head. The momentum sustained its negative stance. The MACD histogram prints in the red, showing a descending trajectory towards a lower exchange rate.

GBP/USD Discussions / Re: Daily GBP/USD Analysis from ForexMart
« on: November 06, 2017, 05:59:15 PM »
GBP/USD Technical Analysis: November 6, 2017

The pound-dollar pair rallied significantly throughout the week and broke the 1.3250 level above. Howbeit, this region provided plenty of resistance while BOE Governor Mark Carney proposed that the central bank does not have any plans to increase its interest rates sooner or later. Hence, the recent rate hike can be considered singular as the British currency had an extreme roll over to create a shooting star.

The ascending trendline below is expected to offer support and underneath the 1.30 area serves as an essential “floor” in the upward trend. A cut through beneath that mark would likely open doors for good selling opportunities moving forward, otherwise, we could reach the 1.25 level below. It appears that comments of the Bank Governor were highly upsetting more than we can imagine. We could see the effect of Carney’s remarks the following week.

On the other hand, the ability to break over the top of the shooting star would allow the market to drive towards the 1.35 handle, either way, to the 1.3650 region eventually. This is the area where the market had gapped downwards subsequent to the shocking vote to depart from the European Union. This probably prompted a massive bullish indication for the entire currency pairs. Breaking on top of this level would push the market near the 1.50 above, which is a major level included in the longer-term charts.

In any case, the market seems to be going through a  significant inflection point. Therefore, longer-term players should watch it play out all throughout the trading week and need to see the weekly close. Basically, a significant move made by the market for this week would show a longer-term trade which is greatly anticipated.

GBP/USD Discussions / Re: Daily GBP/USD Analysis from ForexMart
« on: November 02, 2017, 05:55:28 PM »
GBP/USD Technical Analysis: November 2, 2017

The British pound against the U.S. dollar dropped for a bit during the start of the Wednesday. Soon after, the price bounced up towards the 1.33 level. This pulled back from the said level and tried to reach the level of 1.3250, which has been the focus of sterling traders. Overall, the market should proceed to move higher as it was able to achieve reach a higher level prior to that. Choppiness will also persist in the market and the market will most likely attempt to reach the level higher than 1.35. The 1.3650 level will still be the main resistance level for long-term positions. However, if this area is surpassed, the market could further go up for a longer term.

For now, it is best to take advantage of buying in the lows. If the traders successfully break the level of 1.3250, an option is to wait as this could still go down towards the level of 1.32 and if it breaks down from there, it could further go down to 1.31. It would not be long before value seeking traders would come in cases of pullbacks since there is a strong bullish pressure.

There is a possibility for the uptrend to stop when it breaks lower than the level of 1.30. Hence, this makes small trades to be the ideal position in this trade. Positions should be put on hold until another successful breakout occurs above the level of 1.3650. From here on, this serves as an investment and would be determined through the patience of traders in the current situation.

General Discussion / Re: Daily Market Analysis from ForexMart
« on: November 02, 2017, 05:21:14 PM »
EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: November 2, 2017

The EUR/USD pair waited for the FOMC minutes throughout the trading day on Wednesday, the minutes are expected to be issued during the American session. Aside from this pair, there are other many currency pairs that desire to know the thoughts of Fed members regarding the future rate hikes with expectations to help them determine the short-term trend for the U.S dollar.

This ensures that the single European currency was fixed in a very tight range at 30 pips, while markets in a long position understand that any choppy movement would lead to an unprofitable trade. Since the focus is centered on the positioning of trades prior the major news events coupled with large trends once the news was issued.
It became more interesting due to the subsequent news later this week which has equal of importance with concerns of the greens. It further opened the door for the possible reversal by the FOMC with the approaching news events.

The FOMC failed to achieve its target, however, most of the text remained unchanged, particularly the talks of future outlook that came in lower than market expectations. This resulted in a sudden minor shock for the USD, met some buying and pushed the bucks to a tight range until the end of the course after the minute's publication.
Considering all the projections formulated the entire day, the minutes conversely disappointed the markets which further triggered choppy data by means of the ADP report released earlier the day.

There are reports that confirmed Jerome Powell as the next head of the Fed Reserve but caused the dollar to weaken later this day, nevertheless, the effect of this news would likely be temporary.

Ultimately, the attention was turned towards the British pound as there are no releases from the United States or the European region for today. Hence, it is safe to say that there is some tight ranging and consolidation within the euro-dollar pair amid the trading day while waiting for the US employment statistics tomorrow which could roughly confirm the rate increase in December.

General Discussion / Re: Daily Market Analysis from ForexMart
« on: October 30, 2017, 02:23:49 PM »
USD/CAD Fundamental Analysis: October 30, 2017

The U.S. dollar against the Canadian dollar closed the week high which makes the next week trading to be awaited by traders. Initially, the dollar has been moving steadily but the negative data the previous week pushed the pair to climb above towards 1.26 level with risks imposing the possibility for a breakout towards the level of 1.27.

The movement of the trend was driven by the retail sales data from the Canada which was published in the previous week that gave out a week data and has further escalate doubts to the BOC which has an inclination to increase its rates in short-term. The loonies may have declined but with the incoming Monetary policy statement from the BOC and press conference would open the possibility to become hawkish again. Although, they have been clear in the past that the central bank would not raise their rates for the remaining months in 2017 and presumably even in the early months of the following year. This lessens the hope for it and frustrated the market which resulted to a sell-off in the loonies.

On the other side, the dollar has held steady and was further pushed by a positive GDP data that may have raised the possibility of a rate hike in December. The pair moved towards the 1.28 level and even further towards 1.29 by the end of the week. However, the prices were affected by the reports on who will be the succeeding Fed Chair with chances to be Powell. At the same time, the oil prices soared which assisted in strengthening the Canadian dollar and drove the price to close for the week.

For this week, the Canadian dollar is anticipated to rally in the beginning which includes settlement of payments in oil in the present time of the year. In the latter part of the week, the labor data from the U.S. and Canada are to be released which would have an impact on the prices of the pair. Moreover, if the results of the data are good, the USD/CAD pair would rally and this would confirm the next Fed rate hike in December.

General Discussion / Re: Daily Market Analysis from ForexMart
« on: October 26, 2017, 01:47:07 PM »
EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: October 26, 2017

The EUR/USD climb higher due to various reasons including the result of the meeting of the ECB, the scheduled statement and the press conference later this day. The dollar also weakened across the market which pushed euro to move higher. Moreover, today is a significant day for the week. 

The statement and announcement from the ECB are anticipated after the press conference of Draghi. As the market expects the release of the statement, the ECB would give their hints and plans related to QE tapering during the press conference. If they were able to give a definite plan and timeline, it would be a big help for the euro which is already presumed to rally after. The data from the eurozone gives out positive data and for this reason. Hence, the ECB does not have a reason to postpone the tapering but the pace of the program is still in question.

Draghi is exerting oneself not to appear hawkish in the past few months to avoid pushing the euro too high. It is yet to be known today is the policy is to be sustained. It will not be an easy task for him since the euro will most likely go up since there is no definite timeline of the QE tapering from the central bank. Other than that, the data from the U.S. in the past 24 hours has also been positive as the data on durable goods came out stronger than anticipated. As for the dollar, the GDP data would be significant which will be released from the U.S. tomorrow.

For today, consolidation is anticipated during the first half of the day while the traders are already preparing for the ECB release in the afternoon. Volatility will also be present in the trading following the announcement and the press conference. It is recommended to wait on the sidelines until everything has settled down.

USD/JPY Discussions / Re: Daily Market Analysis from ForexMart: USD/JPY
« on: October 23, 2017, 03:43:07 PM »
USD/JPY Technical Analysis: October 23, 2017

The U.S. dollar surged against the Japanese yen during the Friday trading session. It is mainly because of the hawkish sentiment from the candidates of the next  Federal Reserve Chairman. It seems that the market favors the greenback more that makes opens opportunities when the price pulls back. Most likely, the next target would be above 114.50 which sets as the resistance level strongly positioned on long-term charts. This has been consolidating for a while and the price would probably rally in the upper channel is it breaks more than the 115 region. Hereinafter, there is a tendency for the price to move towards the 118 region in the succeeding weeks or even months.

However, it may not be best to short this pair as it pulls backs since there are concerns in the lower boundary. The support level is found at 112 level and up to 113 level. If the stock market persists to climb higher, this will be have an impact to the pair. Hence, traders should be avoid shorting this pair unless the price breaks down lower towards 111 region. From here on, there is a tendency for the pair to turn around and negatively affect trading. However, in times that the pair would rise, trader could take advantage by  adding positions and incrementally gain profits. 

Overall, it is anticipated to have high volatility and numerous buyers which could highly lead to a rally. However, there will a lot of noise present that makes it ideal to trade this pair in smaller positions weighing the current condition and future moves. Ultimately, traders should not neglect the presence of noise in trading the USD/JPY pair.

General Discussion / Re: Daily Market Analysis from ForexMart
« on: October 20, 2017, 04:12:30 PM »
GBP/USD Fundamental Analysis: October 20, 2017

The British pound traded higher in the morning since the Brexit process finally started to gain traction. As the talks started a few weeks ago, the progress made seems delayed while there are some rumors about the "no deal" because the United Kingdom wanted to move away from the negotiations and finalize the Brexit without any engagement with the European Union. However, this not an ideal method and yet still considered and caused the sterling to remain under pressure.

The slight development coupled with the statements of Chancellor Angela Merkel and UK Prime Minister Theresa May encouraged the markets and lifted the GBP/USD pair, breaking through the 1.32 level within a short period. But the flow of events completed and lasted until London session only, followed by the selling of the GBP and buying of the USD. Although the fundamentals did not go wrong relative to the UK, the selling shows the trend was a trick and the GBPUSD was pushed lower.

The Cable further weakened during the first part of the day as the greenback was able to increase amid the approval of the tax reform bill. The completion of this bill is very important for US President Donald Trump and his team for its purpose to support the American economy as well as to prevent further disappointments. As Trump successfully completed the bill despite some augurs for other bills on the process, the market still liked the outcome and decided to buy the bucks. With this, the pair weakened and attempts to reach the 1.31 region at this moment. It is expected that the impact of this news will keep on dominating the markets until the closing of the day, but the dollar gained strength. It is necessary to place the Cable in the pressured area and search for the support at 1.3060 mark. There are no statistics scheduled to be issued from the US or the UK for this day, hence, this day is focused on the US dollar.

General Discussion / Re: Daily Market Analysis from ForexMart
« on: October 19, 2017, 02:48:44 PM »
GBP/USD Fundamental Analysis: October 19, 2017

The pound-dollar pair continued to move upwards after the weakening of the dollar across the board in the past 24 hours. We believe that there are no fundamentals that drive the market which caused the U.S. dollar to weaken, hence, it all boils down to the condition during the second half of the month accompanied by disappointing news from all over the world. Generally, the main focus is turned to the positioning and flows rather than the fundamental news.

Moreover, there are reports that calling UK Prime Minister Theresa May to stop the Brexit negotiations without any settled trade agreements. This is the ongoing agreement about Brexit since last week. So far, there have been barely some progress with the process, showing some strength and getting nearer to the end of the talks while PM Theresa May is planning to fly to Brussels in order to resume the discourse and bring out a resolution. The appeal for a no deal and demanding May to leave the talks are much preferred compared to anything else for this current time.

The United Kingdom could decide to work out some good deal which should offer justice both on the European Union and the Britain since there is some block as of this moment. Eventually, the talks could possibly continue to gain traction which is a positive factor the sterling pound.

Ultimately, the British retail sales figures and American unemployment claims data are expected to be published within this day. The retail sales are projected to contribute volatility to the Cable pair, considering the upcoming statistics from the UK were sluggish in the past couple of weeks that prompted the market to be very cautious since this data is capable of identifying the trend of the British currency throughout the entire week.

General Discussion / Re: Daily Market Analysis from ForexMart
« on: October 17, 2017, 06:04:52 PM »
GBP/USD Fundamental Analysis: October 17, 2017

The British pound against the U.S. dollar has touched on the level of 1.3300 during the Monday session yesterday. It dropped along the trend and declined as the dollar gains strength during this period of time. The pair was not that influenced following the release of a mixed data from the U.S. on Friday. Although the happening on Monday did had a minor effect to the pair.

It is assumed that the current stand of the U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May would have an impact on the currency to the Brexit talks in Brussels but it did not go this way. Looking to the major reports, there will be several data scheduled to be publicized this week which includes the retail sales data and the inflation data. The market is about to position themselves considering the news on Monday which induced choppiness and weakened the market as seen yesterday.

Looking back on Friday session, it seems that the market has put aside the mixed data and rally at a higher price compared to almost all currencies. This was triggered but the reports where the candidate John Taylor was supported by U.S. President Trump to replace the current Fed Chair, Janet Yellen. He is recognized to be hawkish and has favored rate hikes at multiple events and if in case he was appointed, this would have a good effect to the U.S. dollar. Consequently, investors have begun positioning their assets which strengthened the dollar in the latter part of yesterday’s trading. 

For today, the CPI inflation data from the UK as well as the scheduled speech of the BOE Governor Carney which are presumed to cause volatility in the GBP/USD pair. A breakout at the level of 1.33 would result in a surge of 200 pips and could work similarly when it reaches the level of 1.3200 and maintains the consolidation.

General Discussion / Re: Daily Market Analysis from ForexMart
« on: October 17, 2017, 04:57:46 PM »
USD/CAD Technical Analysis: October 17, 2017

During the daytime trading on Monday, the American dollar traded sideways versus the Loonie dollar, followed by a break through the 1.25 handle. Eventually, the markets contained high volatility but the positive thing about this move is the reversed flow against the oil sector. The oil markets tend to rally as well as the U.S dollar but this appeared to be unusual which could give a negative sign for the CAD.

The 1.25 region below is projected to continue its attractiveness for the price but there is a possibility for the rally to resume according to the skeptical actions by the Canadian dollar.
A break over the 1.2250 mark even on the daily close will enable the market to keep on moving upwards or may be an attempt to reach the 1.2750 mark.

The markets would certainly be volatile due to the instability of oil industry along with some back and forth movements. Considering the massive volume of volatility, it is much preferred to gradually establish a position.

A break down underneath the 1.24 mark does not necessarily indicate a bearish tone again since dealing with the recent action seems difficult. While the markets would likely try to generate some kind of base. Moreover, the oil markets are moving nearer to the massive resistance which could further provide lots of bearish pressure towards the Loonies.

Take note that the Bank of Canada increased its interest rate and suddenly mentioned that the rate hikes should be considered as automatic. With this regard, the market appears to completely turn around against the CAD.

General Discussion / Re: Daily Market Analysis from ForexMart
« on: October 13, 2017, 01:10:04 PM »
EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: October 13, 2017

There is a consolidation in during the trading session of the EUR/USD pair as it fluctuates up and down for the day without specific trajectory. The Resistance area is found close to the 1.18880 and it cannot be determined yet the market will be able to break this area or its direction for short-term.

The price moved headed to the level mentioned and it seems that there will be a lot of selling to take place which would result in a minor correction. Although, there is choppiness present in the pair and it might be best to stay on the sidelines. The data from the U.S. particularly the PPI has no big impact on the movement of the pair and move sluggishly but steadfastly.

The dollar is moving behind with the NFP data came in weaker anticipated in the previous week. The FOMC minutes also gave a hawkish sentiment as awaited by the market. The trend is hinting for an uptrend of the EUR/USD pair to persist both for short and medium term while the question remains if the Federal Reserve will raise the rate for December and continue to affect the market.

Today, the market may get answers as the CPI data from the U.S. will be released later this day which put the Fed member at a worrisome state while dollar bulls are hoping for a positive output for today and keep open the possibility of a rate hike in December. Other than the CPI data, the retail sales data is also scheduled to be released for today which would greatly influence the short-term activity of the pair.

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