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Title: AUD/USD Analysis from ForexMart
Post by: Andrea ForexMart on March 29, 2016, 05:59:24 PM
Technical Analysis for AUD/USD: March 29, 2016

The Australian dollar edged up in today’s trading after mixed US data weighed down the dollar.

The US’ core PCE in February posted a dismal growth of 0.1 percent, missing the 0.2 percent forecast. The core PCE price index also performed below expectations as it rose annually by 1.7 percent. Meanwhile, consumer spending was went up by 0.1 percent, meeting government forecasts.

The US economy experienced a 1.4 percent growth in Q4, topping a 1.0 percent forecast, which carried the dollar slightly.

The Aussie dollar, which has risen by about 3.7 percent this year, is expected to continue a slow climb as talks of the currency’s overvaluation is still in the air. Investors are still waiting if the RBA will cut interest rates to keep it from further ascent.

A speech by Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen later today may sway investors to buy back the dollars.

The pair is now facing a ceiling at 0.7572 and can be seen testing 0.76.

The first support was at 0.7519 and 0.7481 subsequently. The first resistance was 0.7585 and 0.7623 subsequently.

The MACD indicator is at a negative location. The price is falling.

Title: Fundamental Analysis for AUD/USD: April 11, 2016
Post by: Andrea ForexMart on April 11, 2016, 06:59:05 PM
We see a weakening Australian dollar against the USD as recently released data proved that the first quarter has been sluggish despite the overvalued currency.

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) will welcome the soft currency as board members have been saying that they prefer a lower exchange, although they did not cut interest rates in the latest policy meeting.

Australia’s home loans released on Monday showed a 1.5 percent rise against a 4.4 percent drop in February, failing to reach the 2.0 percent projection.

China, Australia’s largest partner in trade, also helped AUD’s price decline with an unchanged year-on-year inflation rate of 2.3 percent in March, missing a forecasted 2.5 percent. Wholesale prices contracted for the 49th consecutive month by 0.4 percent.

Investors will have a lot to look forward to as Australia’s consumer sentiment index will be published on Tuesday and data on the country’s labor market will be released on Wednesday. RBA’s first financial stability review will come on Thursday.

The AUD is trading 0.7535 against the USD.  The first support occurred at 0.7527 and 0.7489 subsequently. The first resistance occurred at 0.7608 and 0.7649 subsequently.

The MACD indicator is in a negative position and the price is falling.

Title: Technical Analysis for AUD/USD: April 12, 2016
Post by: Andrea ForexMart on April 12, 2016, 04:34:29 PM
The Aussie dollar rallied from a slight dip during earlier session and is now at 0.7617 against the US dollar. The improvement was due to the National Australia Bank’s solid business confidence report.

NAB revealed that the business confidence index grew to +6 in March from February's +3.  According to survey results of more than 400 companies, business conditions increased to +12, the country’s best since 2008.

The services industry was the strongest, followed by manufacturing, construction, and transport. The mining sector was still the weakest.

Meanwhile, the USD still failed to recover after Fed’s decision to take a more cautious approach in tightening monetary policy.

AUD is now testing 0.77 levels. The upcoming release of Australia’s unemployment rate this week and China’s dataflow is expected to sway investor sentiment next.

The first support is at 0.7562 and 0.7524 subsequently. The first resistance is at 0.7666 and 0.7704 subsequently.

The MACD indicator is in a negative position. The price is rising.

Title: Fundamental Analysis for AUD/USD: April 13, 2016
Post by: Andrea ForexMart on April 13, 2016, 05:00:45 PM
The Westpac Consumer Sentiment slid in April for the second consecutive month to 95.1 percent from March’s 99.1 percent. A level below 100 shows that pessimists outnumber the optimists for the short-term and long-term outlooks.

The consumers’ bias toward economic conditions over the next 12 months and the next five years were reduced by 5.5 percent and 5.9 percent, respectively. Family finances compared to one year ago dropped by 3.8 percent, while family finances over the next 12 months waned by 6.6 percent.

Meanwhile, the unemployment expectations index softened by 1.8 percent, which means that consumer confidence on low unemployment rate is high.

The disappointing and a bit surprising figures squashed hopes that the public’s confidence will follow a considerably optimistic trend because of the previous four consecutive releases above 100. 
Westpac chief economist Bill Evans said that consumers are probably seeing the strong Australian dollar as detrimental for future growth. The media and RBA officials have openly said that the AUD may be overvalued.

The low consumer sentiment is offset by China’s hefty trade data which sent the AUD to bullish territory. After a 25.4 percent fall in March 2015, Chinese exports grew by an immense 11.5 percent, surpassing the forecasted 2.5 percent by leaps and bounds. However, it is important to note that the measured period included the Lunar New Year, a considerably lavish celebration by the Chinese.

Chinese imports contracted by 7.6 percent, positively missing the projected 10.2 percent decrease. This leaves the country’s trade balance at $29.86 billion, slimmer than the estimated $34.95 billion.

Mixed statements from Fed officials on Tuesday injected volatility into the US currency as Richmond Fed President Jeffrey Lacker said that he is backing rate hikes this year due to inflation’s fast pace. Meanwhile, Fed Dallas President Robert Kaplan said that an interest rate in April does not bode well for the weak economic growth.

Furthermore, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) revised its 2016 economic growth forecast by 0.2 percent, the third consecutive cuts it made since July last year. IMF estimated the US economy to grow by only 2.4 percent this year, lower than January’s 2.6 percent projection.

The AUD has broken into 77 cents in earlier session, but is now back to 0.7670.

Title: Technical Analysis for AUD/USD: April 14, 2016
Post by: Andrea ForexMart on April 14, 2016, 04:37:59 PM
Upbeat labor data failed to lift the AUD above 76 cents against the USD. The Australian dollar opened at 0.7654 and hit a day low of 0.7619 in later session.

The first support is at 0.7602 and 0.7563 subsequently. The first resistance is at 0.7685 and 0.7724 subsequently.

The dip comes after the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed positive employment figures, most of it surpassing projections. The unemployment rate in March was at 5.7 percent, 0.1 percent lower than February’s 5.8 percent. Analysts expected it to increase to 5.9 percent in March.

This is the lowest unemployment rate since September 2013. According to employment minister Michaelia Cash, the number of working people increased 2.2 percent, while the unemployed fell by 4.6 percent in the past 12 months. Furthermore, 26,100 jobs were also added, topping an estimated 20,000 additional jobs.

The report also showed that people scored more part-time jobs as it increased by 34,900, a 10-month high, while full-time jobs dwindled by 8,800. Participation rate rose by 0.9 percent.

However, investor sentiment was unfazed as more sold their AUD for a slowly recovering greenback despite US retail sales in the red. The US inflation report will be published later today.

The MACD indicator is in a negative position. The price is decreasing.

Title: Technical Analysis for AUD/USD: April 25, 2016
Post by: Andrea ForexMart on April 25, 2016, 06:34:01 PM
After the Australian dollar shot up to a 10-month high last week at 0.7834, it entered a bearish weekend and is still extending losses. The exchange rate is now at 0.7716 although it posted a day high of 0.7728 earlier which was almost immediately trimmed.

The AUD has the rising commodity prices and a generally weak USD to reverse the uptrend, but we are expecting the losses to extend at least until the Q1 CPI on Tuesday.  Exports and imports figures will be published on Wednesday. RBA assistant governor Guy Debelle will also deliver a speech on Thursday that may foreshadow the direction of future monetary policies.

The highlight this week is the Fed’s announcement on Wednesday about its interest rates. Consumer confidence is also due on Tuesday.

The first support is at 0.7661 and 0.7622 subsequently while the first resistance is at 0.7743 and 0.7781 subsequently.

The MACD indicator is in negative territory. The price is rising.

Australian markets are on a break today as it celebrates the Anzac day.

Title: Technical Analysis for AUD/USD: May 6, 2016
Post by: Andrea ForexMart on May 06, 2016, 05:56:16 PM
The anticipation for the US’ nonfarm payrolls blocked the AUD’s slight uptrend on Thursday session, sending it down to slump at 0.73. The current spot exchange is 0.7372.  A decline in crude oil prices and the RBA’s statement of monetary policy (SOMP) released today tightened the bears’ grip on the AUD/USD.

After the RBA slashed interest rates to 1.75 percent on Tuesday, its SOMP revealed further cuts on inflation forecasts. From the previous estimate of 2 to 3 percent growth, the RBA lowered its projection for the 2016 to just 1 to 2 percent. The central bank is aiming for a 2 to 3 percent inflation rate by the end of the year.

Forecasts for the next two years’ inflation were also revised down to 1.5 to 2.5 percent from the initial 2 to 3 percent.  RBA’s statements indicated another possible rate cut.

The MACD indicator is in a negative location. The first support is at 0.7459 and 0.7422 subsequently. The first resistance is at 0.7522 and 0.7560 subsequently. The price is falling.

Title: Technical Analysis for AUD/USD: May 10, 2016
Post by: Andrea ForexMart on May 10, 2016, 06:15:08 PM
The AUD/USD has now settled at the 0.73 handle as data from China, Australia’s largest trade partner, did little to boost the Australian dollar’s value against the greenback. The AUD bottomed at 0.7299 today and peaked at 0.7351.

The impact of China’s bearish consumer prices, which grew by 2.3 percent in April from the same period last year, was lukewarm. Markets were expecting a 2.4 percent rise. Its PPI fell by 3.4 percent, not as much as the forecasted 3.8 percent decline. Exports and imports, which stood at -1.8 percent and -10.9 percent y/y respectively, were also on the red.

Buying interest on the USD firmed slightly due to an increase in wages, which was up 0.3 percent m/m in April and 2.5 percent y/y. Only 160,000 jobs were added to the nonfarm payrolls opposed to a projected 202,000 additional positions.

The spot exchange is now at 0.7339 and the price is rising. However, we are yet to see the AUD breach 0.74 today.

The immediate support is at 0.7272 and 0.7236 subsequently while the first resistance is at 0.7364 and 0.7397 subsequently. The MACD indicator is in a negative location.

Title: Technical Analysis for AUD/USD: May 23, 2016
Post by: Andrea ForexMart on May 23, 2016, 06:52:51 PM
The Aussie has found support at the 0.72 level after moving sideways since Thursday which we view as neutral. Our perspective is unlikely to change in the immediate future as there is little data scheduled to be released this week that will impact AUD/USD.

After closing in New York at 0.7228, the pair is now trading at 0.7250 after hitting an intraday high of 0.7261 in earlier session.

RBA Governor Glenn Stevens is scheduled to speak later today in Sydney. He is expected to to touch on Australia’s lagging inflation and labor market. Stevens may also hint the board members’ sentiment on an interest rate hike this month. The business capital expenditure report for the first quarter will be out this week, but low volatility is expected as markets’ focus are now on the country’s inflation.

On the US side, the FOMC minutes last week implied an earlier rate increase in June, ahead of the September monetary policy meeting where the benchmark rate is expected to rise.

The first support occurs at 0.7225 and 0.7210 subsequently. The first resistance occurs at 0.7333 and 0.7436 subsequently.

The MACD indicator is in negative location. The price is climbing.

Title: Technical Analysis for AUD/USD: June 7, 2016
Post by: Andrea ForexMart on June 07, 2016, 07:24:04 PM
The Aussie dollar is holding on to the bulls with the latest decision from the RBA to keep interest rate at 1.75 percent, a widely-expected move based on strong economic indicators. The AUD/USD is trading at 0.7441 and rising.

The first support is seen at 0.7312 and 0.7167 subsequently while the first resistance is at 0.7530 and 0.7649 subsequently.

Australia’s GDP rose by 1.1 percent in the first quarter of 2016, with an annualized growth of 0.2 percent, the quickest in four years. However, RBA Governor Glenn Stevens said that low inflation and an appreciating domestic currency may pose greater risks to the economy. The RBA board expect inflation, which is at an annual rate of 1.3 percent, to reach their target of 2 to 3 percent.

A suddenly dovish Yellen is hurting the USD which rallied last week after a rate hike becomes more possible at Fed’s policy meeting in June.

The MACD indicator is in positive location. The price is climbing.

Title: Technical Analysis for NZD/USD: June 9, 2016
Post by: Andrea ForexMart on June 09, 2016, 06:56:50 PM
The RBNZ propelled the NZD to a 12-month high, pushing it through 0.71 levels against the USD after the central bank’s decision to keep interest rates at 2.25 percent. The bird has been hovering at 69 cents for quite a long time.

Reserve Bank Governor Graeme Wheeler left the door open for monetary easing and promised it to be “accommodative.” The central bank is specially keeping an eye on low inflation and expects it to firm and reach their target in the long term, although short-term inflation has been steady.

“We expect inflation to strengthen reflecting the accommodative stance of monetary policy, increases in fuel and other commodity prices, an expected depreciation in the New Zealand dollar and some increase in capacity pressures,” the bank said in a statement.

Uncertainty in the bank’s statements are keeping us from declaring the upside bullish, but a rate above 0.7146 will shift our outlook to a bullish one. NZD/USD is currently trading at 0.7125.

The first support is at 0.6960 and 0.6910 subsequently, while the first resistance occurs at 0.7045 and 0.7080 subsequently. The MACD indicator is in positive location. The price is rising. 

Title: Technical Analysis for AUD/USD: June 21, 2016
Post by: Andrea ForexMart on June 21, 2016, 05:30:57 PM
The Aussie dollar is benefiting from a volatile sterling and euro as investors seek a safe heaven in the AUD. The RBA meeting minutes headlined the impetus this week. The Board implied the importance of a weak domestic currency to support Q2 and Q3’s GDP growth. However, the minutes did not have a significant impact on the AUD/USD.

Australia’s house price index printed surprising numbers, declining by 0.2 percent in the first quarter of the year compared to the previous quarter’s 0.2 percent growth. Analysts expected a 0.8 percent rise in Q1.

Although AUD/USD is trading at 0.7487, the upsurge is limited due to easing commodity prices. The USD has been fairly quiet and is waiting for Yellen’s statement later on the semi-annual monetary policy report.

The first support can be found at 0.7454 and 0.7413 subsequently. The first resistance is at 0.7500 and 0.7550. The MACD indicator is positive location and the price is rising. However we are not expecting the AUD to break into the 0.75 level anytime today.

Title: Technical Analysis for AUD/USD: July 11, 2016
Post by: Andrea ForexMart on July 11, 2016, 07:33:22 PM
After the issuance of the monthly report for the non-farm payroll data, the AUD/USD pair quickly had a rise in price movement. Due to its strong report the Australian Dollar attracted more investors as presented in the daily swing chart. Technically, the pair demonstrated a horizontal price movement for the past few days near 50% levels. The main range is defined from .7285 to .7645 while reaching its 50% level that is .7465. At the same time, the short-term range had a moving average from .7645 to .7301. Its 50% level falls at .7473. If the two 50% levels is combined, the .7473 and .7465 will create a strong trend that would prevail on the existing market movement.

A strong move over .7571 will predict a downward change in value which is .7535 by which it would give a signal to the buyers. The angle of the moving average under .7571 will call the attention of the currency sellers. Long term investors should be cautious in dealing with this price since it is the trigger point of the potential targets .7573 and .7565. Traders are suggested to develop the sustained move above .7571 through a sharply bullish tone.

Title: AUD/USD Technical Analysis: July 13 2016
Post by: Andrea ForexMart on July 13, 2016, 05:36:10 PM
AUD/USD recorded its highest stock price on May 3. But today the pair obtained a lower rate after a growth surge that happened yesterday. The recent strength of the market's trend was remarked by the appetite for risk in the global economy.

The Aussie Dollar has improved since the Reserve Bank of Australia reduced interest rates and they are now regenerating all their losses during the post-Brexit.

The daily swing chart defined the pair's main trend as an uptrend and made it cut down the Brexit top that changed the .7645 into .7285 as the market bottom.

The main price range is .7834 to .7145. The retracement alert level is close above .7569 to .7487, this shows a chance of an upside strengthening.

The market movement occurred to an uptrending angle at .7665 by which it is close to the result of yesterday’s strength at .7622.

Meanwhile, AUD/USD may take a bullish or long position in certain securities due to a sustained market movement over .7665 and this would probably begin an upside momentum to rotate the downtrending angle at .7687.

Technically, it is difficult to deal with .7665 and coping with this real time exchange rate will signal the presence of more sellers than buyers. If the price continued a downward sloping average below .7539, it indicates weakness for the next target.

Title: AUD/USD Technical Analysis: July 29 2016
Post by: Andrea ForexMart on July 29, 2016, 06:25:01 PM
The U.S Federal reserve remained their decision in keeping the rates constant but the dollar still falls below. The financial market is uncertain if the Fed will made some changes in U.S bank rates for the month of September.

The financial instrument stays well below from its daily high at 0.7550.The currency pair test the level 0.7500 and indicated a bearish side. The resistance level lies at 0.7600 while the support can be seen at 0.7500.

RSI occurred in the overbought market which implies a sell signal whereas the MACD depreciated by which resulted the position of the buyers to weaken.

The exponential moving average of the pair is directed to 50 and 100 day in the hourly chart. It also presented 50, 100 and 200 which are neutral moving averages.

In case that the price of the pair breaks beyond the resistance level of 0.7500 and bounds lower down the trendline is expected to continue. The next target of the investor is the support level at 0.7400.

Title: AUD/USD Technical Analysis: August 1, 2016
Post by: Andrea ForexMart on August 01, 2016, 05:36:23 PM
   The AUD/USD pair went significantly higher last Friday after the disappointment caused by the stimulus measurements of the Bank of Japan and the weak US GDP report. This increase was further augmented by the inflation data of the Australian market and the neutrality of the Federal Reserve monetary policy statement.

   This coming Tuesday, investors are anticipating the rate statement of the Australian Reserve Bank, where a lot of investors believe that the central bank will decrease its benchmark interest rate 25-basis points from 1.75% to possibly up to 1.50%. The main trend went down after the Federal Reserve’s statement caused a volatile reaction. However, should there be a trade at .7675, the main trend may change according to the daily swing chart.

   Friday’s close indicated a strong buying, after the testing of the retracement zone of .7490 to .7571 which has been tested all throughout the month of July, with its major range at .7834 to .7145. The retracement zone is now in control of the market’s long-term direction.

Title: AUD/USD Technical Analysis: August 10, 2016
Post by: Andrea ForexMart on August 10, 2016, 06:35:47 PM
The National Australia Bank indicated a downward direction in Business Conditions. Aside from it, the financial markets sustained under pressured condition just as when oil prices had a markdown.

AUD/USD established a positive result on Tuesday since the movement of the financial instrument progressed upward near its upper limit. The resistance stands at 0.7700, the support can be seen at 0.7600.

As expected, the MACD is situated in the positive zone. MACD histogram ascended and determined the strength in the buyers. The RSI arrived in the overbought condition.

The price of the pair oscillates in the 1-hour chart with 50-EMA. Its 50,100 and 200 day EMAs remained to upsurge, therefore all EMAS are in a higher position.

AUD/USD is expected to have a short-term recovery close to 50-EMA or 0.7600 level whereby the pair is overbought and the currency price is going to have a growth and increase in the investment price.

Title: Technical Analysis for AUD/USD: August 17, 2016
Post by: Andrea ForexMart on August 17, 2016, 06:34:10 PM
   The AUD/USD pair closed down Tuesday’s session on a slightly higher level, after the trading range widened following traders’ reactions to several financial events. The AUD was previously subject to pressure after a statement from RBA can possibly mean that the Reserve Bank of Australia might be considering another interest rate cut. However, the USD went down following dovish comments from Fed, increasing the overall value of the Aussie.

   Investors are now awaiting the release of the Wage Price Index, and economists are expecting the quarterly report to be at 0.5%. However, union members are expecting a weaker range for the Wage Price Index, which can lead to volatility after its release. The Fed will also be releasing its July meeting minutes and traders will be anticipating the next scheduled rate cut.

   The daily swing chart is showing a generally upward trend, although momentum has a possibility of going downward. Based on the pair’s current pricing at .7690, the AUD/USD pair’s direction will likely be determined by the reaction of traders to the .7695 short-term pivot. An increase in selling pressure is possible should there be a downward bias on a sustained move under .7635, while an upward bias will develop if there is a sustained move over .7755.

Title: AUD/USD Technical Analysis: August 22, 2016
Post by: Andrea ForexMart on August 22, 2016, 06:33:47 PM
The AUD/USD is trading flat while the Aussie dollar bounced off the 3-month trend line support. The USD appeared to be bearish with an evening star candlestick pattern against the AUD which ventured a downside risk.

Price during the month of May tested the rising peak of the support while limiting the downside risk. The support is seen at 0.75787 which measured the July 27 result of 0.7421 low. Preferably, a change occurred over the prevailing trend on August 11 at 0.7756 high and makes it easier to oppose the August 11 result at 0.7760 top.

Title: AUD/USD Technical Analysis: September 6, 2016
Post by: Andrea ForexMart on September 06, 2016, 05:40:52 PM
In consonance with the report of the Australia Company Gross Operating Profits the Aussie demonstrated a good growth. The pair continued to flourish during the first day of the week. The buyers are able to drive the price level to 0.7600 as it became the turning point of the pair which marginally lose edge.

Moving averages keep on the neutral position as presented in the 4-hour chart. Resistance is seen at 0.7600, support is at 0.7540.

MACD lies near through the centerline. So in case that the histogram indicated a negative position the seller's strength will bolster but if it pierced within the positive territory, it will allow the buyers to rule the market. The RSI comes in at the overbought territory.

Title: Technical Analysis for AUD/USD: October 3, 2016
Post by: Andrea ForexMart on October 03, 2016, 06:25:24 PM

   The AUD/ USD pair closed the last trading session in the higher trading range but was still unable to go beyond the 0.7700 range, with selling interest rates going stronger as compared to last week. The currency pair has now settled between the 0.7450 - 0.7700 trading range. The pair temporarily fell below 0.7600 last Friday but was able to recover almost immediately due to Fibonacci support.

   The volume of the Asian trading session for this week is expected to be somewhat limited due to China’s golden week. The daily charts are still exhibiting an upward trend, with prices still above the 20 SMA. Momentum levels are now consolidated above the 100 level and RSI indicators are seen to go beyond 56.

   The 4-hour chart now has a limited upward trend, especially since prices are having difficulty exceeding above the 20 SMA. On the other hand, other technical indicators are losing their momentum and is expected to go south. Monday’s session might be marked by a slight downward extension at the 0.7600 level.

Title: AUD/USD Technical Analysis: October 11, 2016
Post by: Andrea ForexMart on October 11, 2016, 06:44:31 PM

   The AUD/USD pair’s 50-MA level for the recent trading session reached the 0.7608 trading range, with trades now at 0.7590 in spite of the widening of the 10-year yield spread for AU-US. High yielders further reaped benefits during the second quarter of yields in the international market. The 10-year yields for Australia increased by 7 bps while the 10-year US yields increased by 3 bps.

   Analysts are stating these higher yields could have negative impacts on all aspects of the risk spectrum since this could lead to a drop in high-yielding currencies such as the NZD.

   Should the AUD/USD recover, then the bid tone recovery could go up into the resistance level of 0.7608 for the 50-DMA and could possibly go further up to 0.7626 for the 10-DMA. However, if the previous support levels of 0.7580 would be reached by the pair, then this could lead to a possible drop to 0.7553, with sell-offs further extending to 0.7526 which is the 100-DMA level for the GBP/USD pair.

Title: AUD/USD Technical Analysis: October 19. 2016
Post by: Andrea ForexMart on October 19, 2016, 06:43:52 PM

   The AUD/USD pair was able to maintain its hold on the upper range of the 0.76 handle after AUD bulls were unimpressed with the expectations coming from the impending release of the Chinese GDP data. The currency pair is now trading at 0.7672 points after increasing by +0.07%. The AUD streamlined its gains after consecutive macro releases from China, which caused an uncertain outlook for the Chinese economy and curbed a possible catalyst for the AUD, especially since China is one of Australia’s main export destinations.

   In spite of this, the AUD/USD has still managed to maintain its current bids after sentiment levels remain supported by recent oil prices. The positive data from the Australian Westpac Index also improved support for the AUD in spite of the weakness exhibited by the USD. After the release of the Chinese GDP data, investors are now waiting for the releases of the US housing data, as well as inventory reports on the EIA crude oil, which will be released during the New York session.

   The resistance levels for the AUD/USD is currently at 0.7693, and gains could further extend to 0.7707 and 0.7750. On the other hand, support levels for the pair is currently located at the 0.7637 range for the 5-DMA. If selling pressure for the pair manages to increase, then the pair would drop further to 0.7576 for the 100-DMA and 0.7511 at the 200-DMA.

Title: AUD/USD Technical Analysis: November 22, 2016
Post by: Andrea ForexMart on November 23, 2016, 04:35:37 PM

The Aussie continues its decline from 0.7778 level as is expected to stayed with the 0.7310 level to 0.7460 level in the following days. However, the climb from 0.7310 level is a form of consolidation. If the resistance level remains strong, the decline will persist and could even go lower at 0.7200 mark. The decline is supported when a break is seen at its Physiological levels.

Title: AUD/USD Technical Analysis: November 28, 2016
Post by: Andrea ForexMart on November 29, 2016, 10:36:56 AM
Base metals, ore, in particular, presented a positive outlook on Friday which supported the Aussie to strengthen. The AUDUSD were able to expand its short-term upward trajectory and made a higher high on the same day.

The AUD entered the 0.7450 level but suddenly fell flat to reclaim it. The pair tested the level, moved lower and stayed within the 0.7450 region ahead of the opening of NY session. Both Aussie and greens made a reversal from its daily high and rebounded to the area of 0.7400 amid the North American trading session.

According to in the 4-hour chart, the pair broke the bearish 50-EMA whereas the indicator’s growth appears to be sluggish. Moving averages (50, 100 and 200 EMAs) expanded its declines as shown in the same time chart. Current resistance can be found at 0.7450, support pierced the 0.7400 region. MACD arrived in the positive zone. RSI accelerated touching the overbought territory.

There is a possibility for the pair to continue an upward trajectory near the 0.7500 when it breaks the level on top of the 0.7450. Should the pair stayed down from the 0.450, the price will edged lower and reverse its gains. In light of this, sellers were able to push the price towards 0.7350 and 0.7300.
Title: AUD/USD Technical Analysis: December 23, 2016
Post by: Andrea ForexMart on December 23, 2016, 05:21:44 PM

The consecutive events regarding the economic growth of US together with the fiscal policy issued by Trump and hawkish outlook of the Fed for 2017 set the minds of the investors to avert from higher-yielding currencies including the Aussie dollar.

The market carried a bearish sentiment on Thursday. The AUD/USD pair further decline after the 2-day narrow consolidation. The sellers pushed the AUD towards 0.7200 from the previous 0.7250 region in the EU hours. Moreover, sellers failed to surpass the 0.7200 mark which caused them to take a pause. After the price touched the aforesaid levels, it made a roll back.

As shown in the 1-hour chart, the Australian dollar bounce back through the 50-EMA and resumed a downward trend. The moving averages maintained a bearish pattern as indicated in the same timeframe. Resistance is at 0.7250, the support holds the 0.7200 handle.

MACD grew less which means further strengthening for the sellers. RSI still was seen in the oversold territory and supported another downtrend.

Technical indicators exhibit a bearish tone. It is highly expected for a downward movement within the 0.7100 and 0.7150 levels.
Title: AUD/USD Technical Analysis: January 11, 2017
Post by: Andrea ForexMart on January 12, 2017, 07:05:12 PM

The Aussie presented a sluggish stance yesterday as the Retail sales data showed negative results. The pessimistic input for the Chinese CPI had affected the currency as well.
Moreover, an attempt to surpass the 0.7350 level were unsuccessful.

Buyers advanced to 0.7385 where AUD/USD found some fresh offers and declined to 0.7350. Having tested the aforesaid level, sellers resumed its struggle to push the price downwards.

During the morning trades, the price tested 200-EMA as indicated in the 4-hour chart. It further stalls the bull’s movement to continue forward as it acted as the spot’s resistance.

The 200 and 100-EMAs are neutral while 50-EMA edged higher as mentioned in the same timeframe. Resistance holds 0.7400 level, support is seen at 0.7350 region .
MACD indicator dwindled and implied weak position against the buyers. RSI consolidated around the undervalued readings.

As the forecast says, bearish bias kept prevailing in the market. In the most probable scenario, if the price focus below the 0.7350 support level the short-term downtrend could possibly continue. The next target of the sellers are marks 0.7250 and 0.7300.
Title: Re: AUD/USD Analysis from ForexMart
Post by: Andrea ForexMart on January 19, 2017, 05:38:15 PM
AUD/USD Technical Analysis: January 19, 2017

The Australian Dollar presented some optimism compared with its U.S peer that receives support from the dynamic pricing of oil. The awaited data from the labour market is deemed to support the Aussie at the same time.

The tone of the market remains to be positive. The AUD/USD is confined on its 2-week highs near the 0.7550 level. The price hovered around a very tight range and tends to go into a lower position. The 4-hour chart showed the spot stick on top of the moving averages. The 100 and 50-EMAs preserved its bullish tone while 200-EMA is flat. Resistance hit 0.7550 mark, support is found at 0.7500 range.

MACD lied in the same level which confirmed buyer’s strength once again. The RSI is currently on the consolidation period and entered the overvalued zone.

Forecasts mentioned for a further short-term downward correction. In case the closing trades are set under 0.7750, the price will impose a sell signal. The possible target of the bears is 0.7500.
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AUD/USD Technical Analysis: February 16, 2017

The Australian dollar against the U.S. dollar declined on Wednesday's trading session but was able to recover after a break out reaching a new high. It broke higher than the 0.7695 Resistance level and proceed with the upward momentum after lows at 0.7159 level. It is expected for the price to go higher in the next trading sessions towards the next target at 0.7800 zone. The key support is found at 0.7605 level and a break lower than the said level would complete the uptrend of the pair.

The market could try to move towards the 0.7750 level that is found to be a resistance level for the long-term charts. Short term reversals are eminent to be become buying opportunities to be forward implying a purchase after decline may not be favorable for short-term charts. Most likely, the 0.76 level will continue to be a strong psychological level in the market.
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AUD/USD Technical Analysis: February 27, 2017

The Australian currency declined following the announcement made  by the RBA Governor, Philip Lowe confirming that the Central Bank will not approve for an interest rate hike in the near future. Regardless of the positive trend in general, bulls were unable to climb higher.

Having posted its recent highs within the 0.7739 region, the price weakened and turned back towards 0.7700 where sustained a consolidated position throughout the night trades.
The increasing demand for the US dollar caused the Aussie to break under 0.7700 driving the AUD to 0.7650.

The 50-EMA was being tested by the price as indicated in the 4-hour chart. The 50, 100 and 200 moving averages moved upwards. Resistance is shown at 0.7700, support is found at 0.7650. MACD decreased indicating a sell signal. The RSI appeared to be neutral.

The AUDUSD pair is required to beef up and take a grasp into the 0.7700 level as a means of strength recovery. The recent weakness is regarded as corrective. There is a chance to buy the dips.

A break under 0.7650 will ease the movement of the upward pressure. A move on the underside of 0.7550 will neutralize the buying pressure and open possibility for further weakening.
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AUD/USD Technical Analysis: March 20, 2017

There is no expected economic release scheduled from the Australian dollar on Friday. Investors were in a wait-and-see mode for the RBA Meeting minutes scheduled on Tuesday. Moreover, the offered tone near the greenbacks provided strength for the Aussie.

Buyers found a hurdle around 0.7700 but needed to leave off their gains.The major rebounded and stalled on top of 0.7660.

A bout of renewed buying pressure came up during Friday’s Asian session. The AUD/USD were pulled back by the buyers towards 0.7700 removing its current losses.

The 4-hour chart determines the price continuously develop above the moving averages as the 200 and 50-EMA directed higher while 100-EMA seems neutral. Resistance entered 0.7700 level, support holds 0.7650 mark.

The histogram preserved in the same region favoring buyer’s strength. RSI indicator is situated close to the overvalued area which confirms another move lower.

After making a gap on top of 0.7700, the next will be 0.7750. Failure to post its fresh gains could possibly occur some profit taking. The AUD would likely weaken reaching 0.7600-0.7620.
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AUD/USD Technical Analysis: March 23, 2017

The risk-off market sentiment alongside the softening of copper and other commodities affected the Australian dollar on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, the AUDUSD was neutral following the sell-off occurred on Tuesday. The sellers found a hurdle around 0.7650 mark. The handle slowed down the seller’s movement and the price was rejected. The spot was confined near the region as its progresses in an aimless manner.

The commodity-linked pair tested the 50 and 200-EMA while the 50-EMA crossed on top of the 100-EMA touching the 200-EMA as shown in the 4-hour chart. Also, the 50-EMA  preserved a bullish pattern while the 100-EMA shifted downwards while the 200-EMA showed signs of being neutral.

Resistance entered 0.7700, support is at 0.7650.

The MACD declined which confirmed the weak position of the buyers. RSI oscillator en route downwards.

A break to 0.7600 region will pass the attention to the level 0.7550.
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AUD/USD Technical Analysis: March 29, 2017

The Australian dollar against the U.S. dollar declined in the beginning of Tuesday trading but turned around and found significant support level at 0.7587 with 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level. A bullish candle was seen and the market tries to move to higher towards the .7750 level and above.

Later on, the market was able to break higher than the 0.7648 resistance level completing the downtrend from 0.7749 to 0.7587 level. It is more favorable to buy this pair with chances for a breakout in the gold market which traders are trying to attain and if they are successful in doing so higher than $1262 level, this would give higher returns to the traders.

The current price could further go up towards the next target at 0.7700 zone while a break lower than the support level at 0.7587 could follow downtrend towards 0.7500 mark. 
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AUD/USD Technical Analysis: April 10, 2017

The Australian dollar became weak on Friday along the sluggish statistics of Performance of Construction Index. Meanwhile, the risk off sentiment amid Asian session have put pressure on risk assets including treasury yields, equities, and the Aussie.

The pair continued to be well offered last Friday and resumed a negative sentiment throughout the day. The AUD leave the region 0.7550 during the night trades extending its bearish impetus within the day.

The sellers were able to reach the 0.7515 mark and rebounded. The major hovered over its session lows until the outset of North American hours.

As indicated in the 4-hour chart, the AUD/USD is positioned under the moving averages which shifted lower. Resistance holds 0.7550, support pierced into 0.7500.

The MACD histogram sustained its level affirming sellers’ strength. RSI indicator is found near the oversold territory which signaled a lover move.

Forecast says the pair would continue to decline within a short period of time. We still expect for a further move towards 0.7500.
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AUD/USD Technical Analysis: April 19, 2017

The Australian dollar against the U.S. dollar declined during the Tuesday session intersecting the 200-day Exponential Moving Average. There is a significant support found below at 0.75 level and a sign of supportive candle pattern indicates buying opportunity. If the price breaks above the shooting star on Monday session, this signals a bullish tone. Hence, it is much favorable to go long for this pair. The gold market could support this pair which is influential for this pair.

The pair broke lower than the 0.7535 support level indicating that the price moves upward from 0.7473 up to 0.7610 zone. This could further go down towards the next testing at 0.7473 support level and a breakdown in the said level will complete the downtrend indicating a continuation from 0.7749 mark towards 0.7300 area.
Title: AUD/USD Technical Analysis: May 12, 2017
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The Australian currency showed some interesting trading session and had an initial downturn corresponding with the actions of the New Zealand dollar. A bit of rally had started as we look forward to found further resistance within the 0.7380 handle.

The Aussie appeared to be caught off guard as of the moment because of the rally occurred in the gold markets along with the partial decline of the US dollar.

In case that the precious metal would reverse and drop, the AUD will continue to weaken as well.

The commodity currencies may not be so attractive at this time since some of them are quite falling considering the CAD and NZD to have a softer stance while the Norwegian Krona also appeared to be dull. Not to mention the Mexican peso which starts to be weak again.

In order to initiate the selling, exhaustion and near-term rallies are to be found that may allow for a successful break above the region 0.7425.

Moreover, the volatility would extend that will offer value for the greens in which seems favorable for us. In case that we create a gap under the lows once again, the market is projected to move near the 0.72 handle, en route 0.70.
Title: AUD/USD Technical Analysis: May 17, 2017
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The Australian dollar closed higher than the U.S. dollar during Tuesday session. Investors responded to the raising concerns in U.S. with lower U.S. Treasury yields, feeble U.S. housing data and a lesser possibility for a Fed rate hike in June. The overall direction of the pair will depend on the Treasury yields. Traders reacted pessimistically to Westpac Consumer Sentiment dropping up to 1.1.%.

There are no major U.S. economic reports to be released today. Traders continuously keep an eye on problems with Trump regime and they have the chance to react to the most recent weekly inventories data of U.S. Energy Information Administration.

The main trend is directed downward as shown in the daily chart. The pair is trying to move higher from the .7329 low on May 9 although the momentum remains the same. To reverse the trend, traders need to impede the short-retracement zone between .7442 and .7469.
Traders should also look out for the resistance level as a strong resistance region is formed at .7454 with major 50% level. The closest support resides at .7384 key Fibonacci region followed by .7329 down below.

The current price level set at .7419 and stays between the resistance and support levels which means that traders have uncertainty and expected volatility in the market.

If buyers try to oppose the trend, the next psychological would be at .7443 and .7446 region then moves to .7449 and .7454 and will most likely gain momentum at .7454 towards the next target at .7469 level. The .7469 Fibonacci level at .7469 would be the turning point for the next downtrend towards .7501 angle.

Underneath, the initial support target would be at .7389 uptrend angle followed by a major Fibonacci level at .7384 and lastly towards the .7329 as the probable bottom support angle. However, if the market fails to attain this level, there is a high possibility for a breakout at .7359.

Until buyers return in the market and exceed the .7469 level, there will be least resistance and rallies will be fruitful in the market. This will affect the price trend whether it will be reversed or not. Currently, the market gives off a neutral stance.
Title: AUD/USD Technical Analysis: May 19, 2017
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The Australian currency experienced a volatile session yesterday due to an initial shot higher with gold. But decided to sell off as the market needs for another leg found at the 0.74 handle, the support was found but rebounded.

The market appeared to be slightly mixed-up as of the moment and attempted to estimate the risk of the political uncertainties in Washington DC.

Based on a longer-term perspective, the market needs to maintain a bullish attitude only when the gold markets engage in the rally. It remains to have lots of noise though, a smaller position would be better while the Aussie continued to accelerate.

Meanwhile, charts showed some activity of buying on the dips which could be a good idea in trading in the market.

The level below 0.74 must provide a massive support because a breakdown under this range will generate a negative signal. Consider the potential gap within the upward bias, so it is advisable to hold for small positions on near-term charts generating short-term gains.

In case that we cut through above the mark 0.75, it will favor for a longer-term position. In this point in time, riding the market would let you experience emotional highs and lows.

As indicated in the previous charts and sessions, making money is easy in both directions but the market is currently choppy. It does not offer any signs as of now, causing the participant to endure difficulty in driving the market.
Title: AUD/USD Technical Analysis: May 24, 2017
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The Australian currency against the U.S. dollar broke above the 0.75 level but was also reversed soon after. If the price breaks lower than the 0.7450 region, the price would further decline. This is also similar for the long-term trades.

The gold market directly influences the pair including the risk appetite for these trades. However, it seems that the gold market is not performing well. The raw material trades from Australia supplied within Asia is also falling since there is low demand for copper and iron which are the fundamental trades of the country.

In a long-term trend, it seems that the market sustains the current trading condition. Its downtrend could attain up to 0.70 level for long-term. If the price breaks higher than the 0.7525 region, it could reach its way about the 0.7750 level for a longer term.

However, reaching the said level won’t be easy. Although, the market usually change position in a bullish pattern and makes it more complicated when the market worries. This is what anticipated to happen when the price soars that makes pullbacks not surprising anymore. The uptrend line is noticeable on the hourly chart and a break lower than the 0.7450 level would bring the price down with an increase in bearish pressure.
Title: AUD/USD Technical Analysis: May 31, 2017
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The Australian currency had slightly decline amid Tuesday trades, however, met a support around 0.74 mark to bounce back and climb upwards. An ability to cut through above the 0.7450 region is highly important. The resumption of the bullish pressure will prompt the market to advanced towards the area above 0.75, which is previously a significant resistance.

The rally is expected to run out within a short period of time, in case the gold surge considering a “risk on” rally. Therefore, the market has to continue trend upwards.

The gold markets appeared to be a safe place to get involved with. When gold was bought as a fear trade there is a tendency that Aussie will not follow. Nevertheless, a positive feeling towards the markets will help the AUDUSD to attempt a higher move.

The AUD is starting to gain strength, but the Kiwi appeared to be much stronger as it drives forward. Forecast says, the favor should remain in the seat of the New Zealand dollar, but there are predictions that both commodity currencies will go through similar directions.

A break down under the 0.74 range would indicate a negative signal and caused the Australian dollar to plunged lower.

Alternatively, the pair is projected to experience volatility, yet this is not new to this pair since the market always run in circles. Volatility awaits upon moving forward, for that reason you should look out on your stop losses.
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AUD/USD Technical Analysis: June 2, 2017

The Australian dollar against the U.S. dollar did not have a good trading session on Thursday. It breaks at the 0.74 level followed by a rebound towards the 0.7420 region. Since then, the market declined and broke to a fresh new low. Currently, the pair is depreciating and makes it more vulnerable to further decline especially since the jobs data will come out today.

If the jobs data met the expectations, then this will most likely push the currency lower towards the 0.73 handle. However, if the pair moves in the upper channel then this would open opportunities to buy this pair especially if it breaks higher than the 0.7475 region. Although, we cannot be certain of now if this would occur since the market is still undecided on which direction to choose.

The next target for this pair is 0.73 level with the tendency to move forward which makes it more favorable for selling. The market already anticipates this and it will be good to follow so.
It seems that the currency is having a difficult time while the New Zealand dollar is performing better. Even so, traders still opt for the Aussie but traders should be cautious in buying this pair in the current low levels.

Overall the pair is sold-off by traders and it is reasonable to move along with this move. However, if this pair opens for the 0.73 region, this will push the price to lower levels immediately.
Title: AUD/USD Technical Analysis: June 21, 2017
Post by: Andrea ForexMart on June 21, 2017, 04:24:47 PM
The Australian currency attempted to initiate a rally amid the day and reversed to sell off. The 0.7575 mark was being tested due Aussie’s actions, hence, it provides a significant amount of support. In case that a breakdown occurred beyond that point, the market will be pushed down through 0.7550 region which is an interesting area in the past.
The market will keep on reaching the 0.765 handle when a bounce happen and when it break into the upside will drove near the region 0.7750.
At the end of the day, the market will continue following its risk appetite and traders should watch closely what will happen within that point. The central bank of New Zealand is expected to release a statement about interest rates scheduled today while the Aussie dollar will seek the same path.
Moreover, gold markets remain to be in a downbeat which can be felt by the AUD as well. With this, players should search for a support below prior the rebound. As the market still have challenging nature to deal with because of the many bits and pieces moving around, particularly the plan of the Fed Reserve to increase rates.
Above all, the pressure brought by the precious metal, gold paired with the general outlook on risk tolerance is projected to wrought a chaotic situation over the market.
In this event, it is complicated to determine where to go next as the consolidation is anticipated to keep going.
Title: AUD/USD Technical Analysis: July 10, 2017
Post by: Andrea ForexMart on July 10, 2017, 04:00:34 PM

The main trend of the AUD/USD pair in the daily swing chart is moving in an uptrend. However, the momentum is pushing it to go lower. When the trade exceeds the .7712, this will shift the main trend to move up.

A trade at the .7571 level indicates the continuation of the downtrend and possibly towards the minor base at .7535 region. A breakdown to this level will shift the course of the minor trend to go down.

The main trend range between .7372 and .7712 with a retracement level at .7542 and .7502 as the next lower target. With the uptrend of the market,  the buyers will most likely return to the test zone. For short-term, the range is between .7712 and .7571 with the retracement area at .7642 and .7658 which is the next upside target. Sellers might counter the trend belligerently and attempt to create a secondary lower top in the next test.

The closing during Friday was positioned at .7600, similar to the price movement this morning. The direction of the AUD/USD pair highly depends on the trader’s sentiment to the downtrend angle at .7592.

When the .7592 is held, this signifies the presence of buyers in the market and could further go up with the potential targets at .7632, .7642, .7632 and .7658 levels. On the other hand, when the .7592 level is kept steady, this indicates the presence of sellers. The target level when the price moves to the downside with the initial target at .7571 then .7542 to .7535 levels.

Traders should monitor the angle at .7592. The reaction of traders will determine if buyers will enter the market or sellers will put in a selling pressure instead.