Good day forex traders. Today i will like to touch on a very special currency pair. Truth to our loves for koalas, the Australian / US Dollar or  AUD/USD. In recent times, many foreign currency exchange traders are flocking to this pair. Known for it’s relatively clear trend, it is […]

AUD/USD Review

Hello koala king and folks. Good day to you. I got many messages from traders about same question: After the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, why the yen strengthened against other currencies and climbed? Crises are divided into several categories: Natural crisis, economic crisis, the crisis of war, terrorist attacks, […]

Masoud : Yen and the Japan Earthquake

Hello koala king and folks. Good day to you. Find below my take on the world economy in 2010. In 2010, a large part of the global economy is still dealing with the consequences of the 2008-2009 financial crisis. While a large number of economists made a relatively simple and […]

Masoud : World Economy in Review 2010

Good day, every important place or organization releases an annual report. TheGeekKnows.com with it’s mission to share to as many forex traders as possible about the horrors of margin call is definitely important! When you are down with $50 bucks in your forex margin account, who you gonna call? GEEKY […]

TheGeekKnows.com Annual Koala Report 2009