5 ways to stop feeling depressed.

We often catch ourselves feeling sad and wished that things were different. This doesn’t help and I will show you how to fight depression.

1) You are are not alone.

While you may feel that the world has forsaken you, the mere acknowledgment of the fact that you are not alone in a predicament will reboot your thoughts.

2) Things are not as bad as it seems.

Lost your money in the stock market? Others don’t even have money for food.

Bad day at work? At least you have a job.

3) You have the power to not feel depressed.

Let us all imagine now that you are now given 3 wishes for anything that you want. Do you instantly feel joyful? While having 3 wishes is out of the question, deciding to feel joyful is not. You can will it.

4) You can make the situation better.

By simply deciding not to be depressed and the situation is already better. Plan out how you can turn around the situation. You may be pleasantly surprised.

5) Seek support.

Human are social creatures. Approach people who really care for you for support. Your family is a good start. Conquer depression together.

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