5 ways to be happy

Hello readers.

Based on research, the percentage of unhappy people globally is high. Of those, many further commented that they felt nothing could be done.

Today I am going to let you on a secret. You can be happy if you want. Happiness is not situational but rather it is how you react to your surroundings.


1) You need to want to be happy.

Happiness is not about having a good day where everything was smooth like clock work. It is a state of mind where you condition yourself. As long as you want to be happy,  no one can take you down.


2) You need to surround yourself with happy people.

Negativity spreads like a cancer. Have you ever seen people who grumble about anything under the sun? You deserve better.


3) You need to appreciate what you have.

Is your dinner not up to expectation? There are children with no food. Missed out on the latest movie? There are people who are blind. You get my point.


4) You need to have some me time.

Constant engagement with society brings about never ending barrage of stressors. Schedule time for a lazy afternoon and read a book. Take a walk in the park and watch children at play.


5) You need to sleep well.

Research suggests that getting ample sleep is crucial to maintaining a good mental state. Have sufficient sleep and wake up refreshed.


Be happy.

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