Masoud EUR/USD Forecast September 23

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The US Federal Reserve decision on Wednesday was contrary to what was expected. There was no change in its economic stimulus program. Not long ago, Ben Bernanke, chairman of the US Federal Reserve announced a gradual reduction in injecting dollars into the economy, a reduction monthly that Reuters had estimated to be ten billion dollars. However Mr. Bernanke said that due to the still high unemployment rate and the lower than expected long-term inflation, the Fed’s policy committee continues its flexibility.

The US Federal Reserve economic stimulus plan includes $ 85 billion monthly injections into the economy by buying government bonds. The likelihood of the reduction of stimulus depends on the economy and the reduction of unemployment in America. These are two indicators that the bank will continue to treat them carefully.

Germany’s strong economy remains resilient. , an issue that Chancellor Angela Merkel, the country can rely on its main competitor challenges. Only 5.4% of the active population of the country is suffering from unemployment while the average unemployment rate in Europe is 10.9%.


Technical perspective: Two weeks ago, I believe in the uptrend for the EUR/USD. The main trend of the euro / dollar is still to the upside and any decline in the euro against the dollar is a correction. As long as EUR/USD is above 1.3320, the main trend is to the upside.

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