Elmar EUR/USD Trading Plan 16 Jan 13

Hello fellow readers.

Before i start another review, I´d like to remind you that we are setting camp in the forum at the link: http://thegeekknows.com/forum. Please visit and we´ll build a great community for forex studies and trades.

Ok, let´s start with our review, as you can see the EUR/USD is testing relentlessly the 1.3280 region as we told in the last review to be an important key support.


I was already with a long position at 1.3290 and protected to breakeven point as soon as I could. Right now the EUR/USD instrument fires my breakeven point. Take care here! Bears appears to be in the mood to take the market at least for now and we may see a retest of 1.3170.

Trading plan for the rest of the week shall remain the same. We are right above the important support 1.3280. A clear break out of this level shall trigger our short to a retest of 1.3170 for around 110 pips profit. But if we see a false break out, we can see from here a retest of 1.34.

Patience folks and we can harvest good pips until the end of the week. Stay tune in the forum, there we comment and share tips about our trades!

See you there and green pips for us all.

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