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In the previous ERU/USD forecast we noted that the 1.22 region needs to be broken before any bearish action. I want to provide a quick update as to the current situation fo the EUR/USD.



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As seen from the EUR/USD hourly chart above, the currency pair is trading in a narrow range of around 100 pips.

While the Euro Zone budget deficit crisis remains a concern, recent comments from Bernanke of the US Federal Reserve kept sentiments from sinking for now. A range of easing options were mentioned and investors speculate that this may be a sign of upcoming easing.

Apprehension is also probably keeping the trading tight as investors await the release of documents usually used as part of the decision making process of the US Federal Reserve with regards to interest rates later in the day.

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  • How is everyone’s trading?

  • RahmanSL

    Thank you once again, Forex Koala, for your most insightful analysis.

    Unlike the AUD, I am never quite certain with the EUR/USD as at times its movements defy real economic logic and I have been caught on the wrong side once too often.
    At times, the currencies movement is highly suspicious and lead me to believe that it might be highly possible that some EU members and the USA are in cohort to make money from the forex market to help pay off some of their debts.
    The EU & the USA must be in some secret agreement to exchange good & bad news to throw the forex market out of sync so that they can benefit from the confusing news.