Masoud EUR/USD Forecast 6 June 12


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Ten-year government bonds on financial markets of Spain and Italy rose for the third consecutive day, faced with declining stocks.

A German expert said that time is passing and we are faced with a crisis. The banking crisis in Spain, possible exit of Greece from the Euro Zone and in Germany a lack of broad approval of the various financial mechanism to stabilize the situation.

Crisis in government bonds from two weeks ago was intensified when the probability of exit from the euro area of Greece and the banking crisis in Spain increased.

Economic experts mentioned that the reduction of oil prices in world markets to under $100 USD a barrel is a sign of slower economic growth. Brent crude fell to $ 96 a barrel this week to the lowest level over the past sixteen months.

Head of Economic Department of the National Australia Bank mentioned that warning about the financial and banking crisis in Spain is here when the country’s short-term government bonds reaches 7%. If this process starts, it has entered the stage where it is essential for international aid for survival.


EUR/USD Forecast


From a technical perspective:

Due to no changes on the fundamental front, the crisis remains and hence I still believe the euro will weaken against the dollar. As long as the EUR/USD is below 1.2625, the main trend is bearish.

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