US Dollar Index and US Debt Review Mar 12

Good day forex traders.

Welcome to another review of the US Dollar Index and US debt. 

We last visited on Oct 11 and back then the American economy was facing complications from the unemployment rate and housing slump. The euro zone budget deficit crisis added more pressure to the global financial markets too.

Source : Bloomberg

Looking at the US Dollar Index above we note that the US dollar strengthened since we last visited. It is currently testing the resistance of 80.

Fundamentally the US economy is generally in a better condition than last Oct. The US Non-Farm Payroll is posting positive gains and the unemployment rate has eased down to the 8+ % region. This is in contrast to the budget deficit issues of the Euro Zone which probably presented the US economy as a “better” choice for now.

On 26 Oct 11, the total public debt was 14,937,008,744,814.46
As of 9 Mar 12, the total public debt is 15,517,051,724,148.90
Source : TreasuryDirect

The debt of the US has increased again and as mentioned this is a time bomb waiting to explode. In comparison to Greece, this is probably much more crucial. All it takes now is for something adverse to happen and open this can of worms. In fact a number of experts believe that the US had gone past the point of no return which is eventual default.

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