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Good day forex traders.

Welcome to another The Koala Recommends!

Today me the Geeky Koala would like to talk about a forex service that has been around for sometime!

Nope. This is not a

  • Sure get rich forex EA
  • Sure get rich forex system
  • Sure get rich whatever

Let me present to you an unbiased review of ZuluTrade !
ZuluTrade is a forex signal provider. In short, you get to choose and follow the many signal providers in ZuluTrade. By linking one of the many supported broker account, you basically mirror their trades.. 
Correct. You the user DO NOT PAY a single pip to them.
Geeky Koala likes :
  • The statistics of the signal providers are transparent. You can see their open positions, percentage of winning trades, biggest drawdown, total pips gained, etc. The top signal provider has gained 5400+ pips so far in 67 weeks.
  • Recent changes to the compensation of the signal providers to a monthly profit and loss basis basically reduces the chances of signal providers going rouge and taking crazy risky trades to earn commission. Now they share the same interest to perform as you!
  • Strong emphasis and saying no to margin call. There is a Margin Call O Meter to warn you against over exposure to risk 🙂
  • Clean and easy interface with a healthy discussions system in a form of a forum and direct comments to your favorite signal providers. iPhone and Android app is available too.
  • A member of NFA / CFTC . Probably no monkey business to be seen here 🙂
Geeky Koala cautions :
  • Some signal providers may take excessive risks to ensure their pips gained are high. Always watch out for “too good to be true”  Check maximum drawdown, number of trades, etc. For example, a signal provider who clocks 100% winning positions due to riding the losses out at 80% drawdown of the forex account is a big NO NO.
  • Proper money management is a must as of any forex related interest. Historical performance is NOT a indication of future performance. Be prudent.
  • This is NOT a get rich in one week service.
Check out the top forex signal providers now :

ZuluTrade - Autotrade the Forex Market like never before!


Geeky Koala tips :
  • Look out for signal providers who are consistent. ie. Slow and Steady wins the race. The graph feature of their profits is useful. Look out for slow consistent gradients versus spiky graphs.
  • Do not let this service be your one and only forex interest. I personally maintain ZuluTrade as my supplementary account to gain some passive pips while learning how the top signal providers trade. ( Their positions are transparent and hence you can learn ! ) Ultimately, self trading is the way to master forex trading
  • If your broker is not supported or if you are intending to open a new broker account to use it as a supplementary account like me, consider AAAFX.– Based on my researches, brokers may sometimes experience slippage due to the connection  between ZuluTrade and the brokers. AAAFX being the ONLY broker directly integrated with ZuluTrade, will solve most of such problems resulting in potentially better performance and experience.
    – AAAFX is regulated in the EU and requires only a minimum deposit of $300USD / $250EURO

Ready to ZuluTrade? Click below! Remember. I use AAAFX for the best possible experience with ZuluTrade.

ZuluTrade - Autotrade the Forex Market like never before!
( Warning. Only trade with money you can afford to lose. You are responsible for your money! )

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Unbiased ZuluTrade Review, 3.6 out of 5 based on 5 ratings
  • linafxdaytrader

    ZuluTrade is an amazing platform that gives a folower and the trader to earn quite a substantial amount of extra cash. but one should be cunny when it comes to propper account management, the more you risk the more prone you are to loses. Revise your traders regulary and always dump those that look too prone to risk. But most importantly, be down to earth and expect as much as you have invested, not making 1M bucks out of 10 bucks with leverage 1:10000 provided by unregulated broker. I have kept all of the above levelled correctly and within 16m with a follower account my equity has grown more than 500% …to 19K – both with up and downs of course.

    Cheers, Lina

    • Moosa

      Hi I like the sound of this. I am new to all this. A little more info on how this works would be great. Does the follower actually trade them self or give the money to the trader?

      • you have to create an account with a broker linked to zulutrade.. after which you simply follow the signal providers!

        • L. M.

          Hello all thread writers!!

          Just curious are you still trading on zulutrade?

  • Chittaranjan

    No experience needed zulu is very good for new and existing both trader… You can start it by following this link– http://liveforexsignal.zulutrade.com/

  • Mike mc

    Best provider on Zulu is LUCKY FX100