Gold for money :

Good day forex trading koalas.

We know that the gold prices have gone up by a lot. In these times of economic hardship, having some extra cash may help go the extra mile.

If you have Rings, Watches, Pocket Watches, Earrings, Necklaces, Gold Teeth, etc

You probably can get some much needed cash! which pays for your precious metals items owns their own refinery and hence it doesn’t matter if the item is ugly or pretty. As long as it is gold, silver or platinum, you probably can get cash from it!

The service has been featured in the news before and you can see all these and more on their website.

Getting paid for your unwanted or broken jewelry has never been so EASY, CONVENIENT and FAST until Cash4Gold.

Basically the process goes like this –

What You Do:
1. Request your FREE Jewelry Return Pack by filling out the form.
2. When the Pack arrives, place your jewelry inside and send to Cash4Gold in the PRE-PAID envelope or via the shipping company of your choice.

What We Do:
1. Your Jewelry Return Pack is individually opened, photographed, and verified
2. The material is tested for gold content with state-of-the-art equipment
3. A total cash value is calculated based on the type of material, weight and the daily price of gold
4. Either a check is mailed to you or money is directly deposited using FastCash

Go ahead and click the banner below and visit their website for more details.
Decide for yourself if this service is useful to you or not 🙂
(This service is for people in the US, UK and Canada)

$100 Bonus

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