Forex Broker : FXCM Mobile Trading

Hi all,

when we wage a “war”, we need the best tools. If not the best, at least one of the best!

In the “forex wars” that we face 5 days a week, battles are won and lost. Without a top notch broker support, opportunities will founder.

FXCM has always being one of the top in my list. Not only are they one of the biggest around, they are also one of the most regulated. You folks know i love regulations. Although troublesome, at least i know my funds are probably not being used on some “recreational projects”.

This year, they launched their mobile trading platform which covers the iphone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile platforms. Not only can you do your usual tradings, FXCM Mobile users can set mobile alerts through as well as view rates, explore a daily economic calendar and watch forex videos to help gauge where the market is heading. Staying connected to the forex market is vital.

Available in both Standard and Micro lot sizes, read about it for yourself and make your own decisions. What matters most is that it works for YOU.

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