The Koala System Weekly Review 30 Nov 09 – 04 Dec 09

Good day to all Koala System users.

Did your koalas treat you well this week? Now let us all remember that the koalas treat us well not only by suggesting to us when to trade. It warns us to stay out too when the going gets tough.

As suggested in my previous EUR/USD Weekly Review, this week was tough

As a promise to a few users, i have included detailed view of the various highlighted areas and the thought process that comes with it.

1) Right at the start of the week, the koalas warned us that things were choppy. Notice that although the price seemed to be going down, the red koala tested the other 2 koalas often. This was a no trade signal as it suggested that the price might be trying to flip direction.

2) True enough, the price flipped later and presented to us a good opportunity. I took this opportunity because the 3 koalas were just around parallel and the price was around the red koala. When you see the price sits or rests around the red koala, it is suggesting that the move is stable.

3) Lastly with the Non-Farm Payroll, comes the usual volatility associated with it. The Koala System did warned of it. We could see the 3 koalas diverging which indicated that the current move might be too fast for comfort. Furthermore, the price hardly touched the red koala and this suggested that the price action was amok.

Folks, i hope this article shed some light on how you can think like a koala. Remember that The Koala System is designed to prevent you from going against the trade and hence patience must be there to wait for the right opportunity. Plan your trade well and never panic again!

Trade safe.

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