EUR/USD targets 1.4500

Remember i said that i like it when a plan goes well?

Yes it did.

I mentioned yesterday that the next resistance will probably be a previous high from early 08 at around 1.4919?

Today’s high so far IS 1.419.

*Claps *Roars *Cheers *Drums *Trumpet


If you have been an avid reader of my geeky articles, you will have every reason to be cheering now with the pips harvested!

Well, lets get back down to Earth. I just got lucky this time 😉 No one is always right. Right?

There we have it again, our currency pair displaying a dagger like candle.

Today in early trading, the S&P 500 make a decision and soar up above 1080.

Next technical resistance for S&P 500 is major line 1100.

Just be alert to watch out for corrections like the L O N G red candle to the left.

Oil remains above $70 while gold is triumphant above $1060.


Notice that the bullish road forward for the EUR/USD is riddled with resistance lines that i have drawn up.

These lines were highs from way before and this is logical as we approach the SUPER major line of 1.5000.

The thought of it makes me shiver! Large orders should be hiding there 😉

With the rate of decline for China exports slowing down, the emerging giant ramps up the positive-O-sentiment meter!

Commodities along with the commodities currencies continue to lead the charge up too.

Bullish conquest may expect resistance stacked from 1.4910+ and 1.4950+.

If the bears launch a surprise attack, possible defense at previous high 1.4865+.

Unemployment claims for US due tomorrow, be on the lookout for surprises.


Have you felt that your eyes are sore from reading too much on the computer?

That’s how i am feeling now.

However, my zeal for king and country ops i mean for Forex and Readers will urge me on!

I am seriously into BattleForge now. It is a little like a magic the gathering and warcraft combined.

Seriously after spending almost 12 hours at work today, i deserve a break ya?

Trade Safe!

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